3 Reasons to Do Your Holiday Shopping at Costco This Year

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  • Costco is known for its low-cost bulk grocery items and household supplies.
  • It also stocks a host of great gift items during the holiday season.
  • Look for a variety of gift baskets, great deals on toys, and affordable clothing. 

It's a decision you might really end up happy with.

Shopping at Costco can be an adventure. You walk in thinking you'll buy milk, cereal, and paper towels, only to come out with a cart full of gourmet cheeses and a host of bakery goods (or maybe that's just me). 

But as much as I enjoy shopping at Costco for everyday items, I happen to love buying holiday gifts at Costco. And it's not just a matter of low prices -- it's also a matter of an exciting selection. Here are a few reasons you should consider doing your holiday shopping at Costco -- even if you've never done so before.

1. You can buy low-cost gift baskets and food gifts

Costco tends to go big on the gift basket and gourmet food front during the holidays. Starting in November, you'll begin to see a wide selection of cookie tins, dried fruit and nut crates, and high-end chocolates and truffles.

Now as someone who loves food, I also like to give the gift of food. The way I see it, so many people I know have households that are cluttered with stuff. The great thing about food gifts is you consume them and they no longer take up space. 

Meanwhile, I've found you can buy a generous-sized gift basket at Costco for anywhere from $30 to $50 -- whereas if you were to order the same sort of item online or from a specialty store, you'd pay double or triple. Similarly, you can buy a nice box of chocolates or cookies for $15 or less, as opposed to $25+ elsewhere. When you have a lot of teacher gifts to buy like I do, those lower prices really make a difference. 

2. You can snag toys at a discount

If you have young kids in your life, then toys are probably a staple item on your holiday shopping list. And Costco is a great source.

Now to be fair, Costco won't always have the largest selection of holiday toys. But you may find toys at a fraction of what you'll pay elsewhere. 

Costco also tends to stock specialty toy bundles during the holidays. Say you have a child who's into Disney princesses. Costco might have a princess bundle that includes everything from dress-up items to coloring books to story books so you can rock your princess-lover's world.

3. You can give the gift of (affordable) apparel

When it comes to apparel, Costco carries more than just polo shirts and standard-issue pants. You can find a range of apparel that could make for some really nice holiday gifts.

If you have a sports fan in your life, for example, you might find logoed gear from their favorite team. Recently, I bought a $15 t-shirt with my favorite hockey team's logo on it that would've cost me $35 elsewhere, so that was a win. 

Shopping at Costco will often result in a lower credit card tab compared to other stores. But you might enjoy doing your holiday shopping at Costco not just for the low prices, but the neat selection. 

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