4 Apps for Saving Money on Gas

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  • Some apps are uniquely designed to save you money on gas.
  • Which app you use depends on how much you want it to do for you.

Want to know how to pay as little for gas as possible? These apps make saving easy.

Steve Jobs introduced the world to the first smartphone in 2007, but it wasn't until around 2011 that everyone -- including fifth-graders standing at a bus stop -- had smartphones in their pockets. That means that homo sapiens lived without smartphone technology for somewhere in the vicinity of 300,000 years.

As tough as it is to imagine, we've only been using apps for about a decade. And yet today, there are specialized apps that can tell us where to find the least expensive gallon of gas in our area. In alphabetical order, here are four popular apps that appear to do the job quite well.

1. Fuelio

Fuelio is like having a friend in the car with you, only this friend is incredibly detail-oriented and obsessive about saving you money. The Fuelio app is simple to use and makes it easier to track car expenses -- this includes your fill-ups, gas mileage, fuel consumption, tolls, and parking fees. It even gently reminds you when it's time to service your vehicle. Best of all (perhaps) is that the Fuelio app lets you know about gas stations in the area and how much each is charging per gallon.


Android users give the Fuelio app a score of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and iOS users give it a score of 4.2.

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2. Gas Guru

Like Fuelio, Gas Guru also provides gas prices in your area. One major difference is that Fuelio prices are crowd-sourced (meaning the people who have just been to the pump report how much they spent). Gas Guru data, on the other hand, comes from the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS). OPIS is a fuel-pricing service firm that tracks prices across the country. Remember the old Yellow Pages? It owns Gas Guru, meaning even if the app is relatively new, the company behind it has been around for a very long time.

Gas Guru also gives you a full list of amenities at each station. Let's say you're searching for a big station with lots of snack options. The app lets you know where to find it. It also shows you what's around the station, so if you have any other errands, it may save you time.


Android users give the Gas Guru app a rating of 3.3 stars out of a possible 5, while iOS users give it 3.2 stars.

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3. MapQuest

If you drove regularly before the advent of smartphones and car GPS, you may remember the joy of going to the MapQuest website, typing in an address, and printing out step-by-step directions. Today, MapQuest's mobile app can help you find gas stations along your route. It also checks prices to find the cheapest gallon of gas. The MapQuest app provides other handy services, like letting you know if you're about to run into a snarl of traffic, and letting you make restaurant reservations through the app.


Android users gave the MapQuest app a score of 4.2 out of 5 possible stars, while iOS users rank it at 4.4 stars.

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4. Waze

For some of us, Waze is a lifesaver on long trips. Aside from letting us know where the nearest gas stations are and how much those stations charge, Waze gives us directions and lets us know about construction, crashes, and general traffic situations.

There's a lot to like about Waze. It offers an estimated time of arrival, which matters when you need to be somewhere on time. It also lets you choose from a variety of voices, in case the one you've been using is on your last nerve. And while this has nothing to do with gas consumption, Waze can keep the driver engaged during a long trip by allowing them to report hazards in the road, police traps, and more. Waze even allows users to earn fun emojis to represent their vehicle on the road.


Android users give the Waze app a score of 4.4 stars out of a possible 5, and iOS users give it a healthy score of 4.9 stars.

Life is full of complex little issues to take care of. These apps take one thing off your plate by letting you know where you can pay less for gasoline and keep more money in your bank account.

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