4 Little-Known Perks of Shopping at Walmart

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  • Included in Walmart's huge array of goods is a strong showing of organic groceries.
  • Scan & Go and curbside pickup can shave a lot of time off your Walmart trip.
  • For a yearly fee, Walmart+ could upgrade your shopping experience.

Wally World has a lot to offer.

Thanks to its low prices, huge selection, and presence in nearly every city and town, Walmart -- love 'em or hate 'em -- is undeniably an American staple. It's also an important part of helping many keep their personal finances on track right now.

But even though millions of us shop there every week, the retail giant still has a few tricks up its sleeve. Take a look at these Walmart perks you may not have discovered.

1. A wide range of organic groceries

We're told all the time that we should be eating more organic foods because they're better for us -- and the environment. However, grocery shopping at your local organic store (I'm looking at you, Whole Foods!) can give you sticker shock faster than walking onto a car lot. Organic groceries are expensive!

That is, they're expensive unless you get them from Walmart. Tucked on the shelves of America's favorite discount store are hundreds of organic products at reasonable prices.

For example, at an organic grocer, you may pay as much as $5 for a 5 oz. package of organic spring mix. Walmart will sell it to you for less than $3. The Great Value brand organic canned tomatoes, at around $1.40 a can, are also cheaper than you'll find just about anywhere else.

And the list goes on. Pretty much everything you can buy organic at a more expensive store, you can pick up at Walmart for a lower price.

2. Free curbside pick-up

Some days we simply don't have the time, or energy, to spend hours walking the Walmart aisles. Well, no worries. You can instead spend some time swiping your way around the Walmart app to put together your groceries for the free curbside pickup. (And yes, this works for non-grocery items, too, including everything from socks and soap to Nintendo Switches and sandpaper.)

After your cart is full, you can pick a time and date to reserve your slot. Walmart team members will walk the store to collect your items -- making replacements as necessary (though you can turn this feature off).

When your order is ready, check in on the mobile app to let them know you're coming. By the time you arrive, your order will likely be on its way out the door and to your vehicle. You don't even need to load it into the car!

3. Walmart.com price matches

Online shopping has a lot of perks -- and sometimes even lower prices. But when you need something sooner than later, heading into the store is a necessity. Unfortunately, sometimes you find that perfect item online, only to find that it's more expensive at your local store.

Well, if you found that item on Walmart.com, your local Walmart store will price match that lower online price.

There are a few limitations to the price match. For example, online-exclusive discounts can't be price matched. But for regular items in stock online and in the store, you can simply show a checkout associate the online price and they'll match it on your in-store purchase.

4. Walmart+ membership

Love shopping at Walmart, but don't always have the time -- or the ability -- to head to the store? Even if curbside pickup isn't an option, you can always get your Walmart grocery order delivered right to your door.

As with most grocery delivery services, Walmart charges an extra fee for every drop off. However, if it's something you do regularly, you can cut that cost significantly by signing up for a Walmart+ membership.

Walmart+ gives you free same-day delivery on most orders (with a $35 minimum order). But that's not the only perk. It also offers you free shipping on most items with no minimum purchase, as well as rewards on eligible items. You'll also get fuel discounts, exclusive access to certain sales, and even free Paramount+.

It's certainly true that Walmart has its share of issues, from pushing out small businesses to questionable employment practices. But it's also undeniable that the low prices and convenience make Walmart an indispensable part of daily life for millions of American shoppers. If you're a Walmart regular, hopefully some of these tips help you make the most of your shopping trips and keep a little more cash in your savings.

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