4 Side Hustles You Can Do With Friends

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Your side hustle could end up being a social event.

Key points

  • A side hustle could help you grow your income and meet your financial goals.
  • If you're worried that your side job will take time away from your friends, it pays to find a gig you can do together.

You may be interested in getting a side hustle to scrounge up more spending money for everyday bills and leisure purchases. Or, you may have specific goals, like boosting your IRA contributions, completing your emergency fund, or topping off your down payment for the home you've been trying to buy.

There's just one problem with getting a side hustle -- the time commitment involved. The more time you sink into your second gig, the more profitable it may become. But that also means you'll have less time to spend with friends.

The latter may not necessarily be a problem, though. That's because there are plenty of options for picking up a side gig you and your friends (or at least you and one other friend) can do together. Here are four side hustles that fit that mold.

1. Babysitting

Babysitting is often a solo gig -- but it doesn't have to be. If you're taking on clients with multiple children and are willing to split your earnings with a friend, you might explain that you'd rather come as a package deal so you can give each child you're tasked with watching your full attention. Parents probably won't mind this arrangement if they won't be charged more for it. If you're babysitting for younger children at night who go to sleep after a certain point, you'll effectively get to hang out with a friend and get paid for it.

2. House-sitting

House-sitting can be a pretty easy gig that pays well. Most of the time, it involves staying in someone's home, tending to light maintenance items, like bringing in the mail and dusting, and if there's a pet involved, putting out food. Chances are, if you ask your clients to do the work jointly with a responsible friend, they won't object. That way, you'll get to spend some quality time with a friend in what could be more spacious digs than your current home.

3. Selling crafts or baked goods

If you have a friend with a similar hobby or talent, you could join forces and sell your creations together, while splitting the proceeds. Imagine you love making jewelry. If a friend does as well, you can split the cost of materials, hang out while creating different pieces, and then visit craft fairs together to sell your wares. Or, you can set up a website you manage jointly and sell them there.

4. Create business websites

There are many local businesses that need websites created or updated. That's where you and a friend can team up. If you're a great writer, and your friend has solid web design skills, you can be the content creator while your friend converts your work to an engaging online user experience.

It's more than possible to take on a side hustle without it impacting your social life. If you're worried that working a second job will take you away from your friends, find a gig where you don't have to perform solo. It may give you the best of both worlds -- a chance to boost your income and an opportunity to spend time with someone whose company you really enjoy.

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