4 Ways to Bring in Extra Money Since Stimulus Checks Have Stopped

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  • Stimulus checks are no longer being provided by the federal government.
  • You can bring in extra money by looking for a side hustle or exploring these other possibilities.

You can't count on Washington lawmakers to provide, but you still have options.

In 2021, the federal government provided stimulus checks, which were deposited into most Americans' bank accounts. Millions of Americans have since requested additional payments, with more than 3 million people signing a petition calling for ongoing stimulus funds to help cope with the pandemic.

But stimulus money has stopped coming this year, and it's unlikely lawmakers will act to provide more funds on the federal level. So, while a limited number of states are providing stimulus relief for a small number of Americans, most people are out of luck.

The good news is, you may have other options available to bring extra cash into your household even without help from Uncle Sam. Here are four possible paths to do just that.

1. Consider a side hustle

There are many kinds of side jobs you could do, from driving for a ride-sharing service to offering online tutoring to freelance writing. Thanks to the internet and a host of gig economy apps, you typically have the flexibility to work when you want, and as often as you want, to bring in extra income.

Putting in just a few hours a month on a side job could allow you to create your own stimulus payment throughout the year that you can use to accomplish financial goals or pad your savings account.

2. Negotiate your salary

The labor market is pretty tight right now, and chances are good your employer won't want to lose you. As a result, the company you work for may be more willing than ever to bump up your salary.

If you have a performance review scheduled, you might want to prepare to negotiate for a raise and come with a list of recent accomplishments to back up your position. Even if you aren't scheduled to discuss the state of your job, you could request a meeting with your boss to see if there's room for a pay increase. That's especially true if you compare your salary to others in your industry and discover that your earnings aren't on par.

If you can raise your salary, this will also mean extra money coming in each month -- in this case, without any extra work on your part.

3. Explore other job opportunities

The tight labor market also presents opportunities to find new work that may pay more than your current job. Consider looking at what's available in your area to find out if you could make a career shift that would bring in more money.

If you do interview for a new job, be sure to negotiate your salary when hired so you can get the highest paycheck possible.

4. Look into other government benefits

Finally, if you're really struggling, there could be other government benefits available to you even though stimulus checks have come to an end. Some states are offering ongoing COVID-19 relief, and the federal government also provides a variety of benefits including food assistance and medical insurance to those who qualify based on income.

By exploring each of these four options, hopefully you can find a way to bring more money into your home now that stimulus money is no longer being provided to help you make ends meet.

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