5 Best Holiday Gifts for Gamers from Costco

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  • You can find most types of gaming hardware at Costco, including consoles, headsets, monitors, and more.
  • A gift card can be a good gift for gamers who already have all the hardware they need, and you can get them for a discount at Costco.
  • Anything in the store can be a great gift for a gamer if it's something they enjoy. A nice collection of favorite snacks or drinks to enjoy while gaming can make for a good gift.

You're going to need a bigger gift bag…

Video games are a hugely popular hobby shared by millions. But between the hardware and the cost of games, it can be a hobby that's hard on your bank account. That's why your favorite gamer probably has some gaming gear on their holiday wish list.

While not the first thing you think of when you think about a Costco membership, your local warehouse likely has a surprisingly good selection of potential gifts for the gamers in your life. It's no Best Buy, but we found some solid picks. Take a look.

1. The latest console

New console variations aren't quite as frequent as, say, new iPhone drops, but you do need to upgrade every few years to stay current. Costco carries three of the most popular consoles on the market now:

  • PlayStation 5
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox Series S

Depending on your local warehouse -- or what's in stock online when you browse -- you can find different types of bundles with things like controllers and a headset. Check to see if the specific bundle comes with any games. If not, you may want to hit your local game store or add on an appropriate gift card (of which Costco also has several options -- see below).

2. A wireless headset

Next to the console and controller, a good headset may be one of the most important tools for many gamers. In a multiplayer game, a headset with a mic is a basic necessity to stay in touch with your team. They're also great for solo gamers who want better immersion, as they cut out unwanted outside noise. (Coincidentally, gaming headsets also help reduce unwanted noise for everyone not playing the game, too!)

3. A gaming monitor

The quality of the computer screen you play on can have a huge impact on your gaming experience. You want a large screen, yes -- something in the 27" to 32" range is a great upgrade for most folks. But a monitor's size isn't the only feature of importance for gaming. It's also nice to have a high resolution (how dense the pixels are) and a high refresh rate (how often the screen can display new images). The monitor should also be easily adjustable, so you can set it to just the right angle for maximum comfort during marathon gaming sessions.

4. Gaming chair

Good gaming chairs are a balance of form and function. They offer the ergonomics and comfort of a top office chair -- but less boring. Costco only has one gaming chair listed on its website, but it's a solid option with good reviews. If your giftee doesn't mind sacrificing a bit of aesthetics for utility, Costco also has a wide variety of office chairs to browse.

5. Gift cards

Sometimes a gift card really is the best way to go, especially for gamers who may have more niche interests. Costco has a wide variety of gift cards aimed at folks who play video games, including:

  • Xbox Live / Game Pass gift cards
  • PlayStation Store gift cards
  • Nintendo eShop gift cards
  • Roblox Game Card gift cards

What's particularly great about buying gift cards from Costco is they frequently sell them for less than face value. So you could potentially get gift cards worth $100 for $80 or less. You can head into your local Costco if you want physical cards. Or you can shop online if you (and your gift recipient) don't mind a digital download.

Think outside the console

There are a lot of things you can get for someone who likes video games that don't involve Costco's electronics department. Do they have a favorite snack or drink they like to enjoy while they play? Or maybe they'd enjoy a nice blanket for their gaming spot. Costco has a bit of everything, so you can find the right gift for any gamer in your life.

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