5 Tips to Avoid Busting Your Budget This Summer

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  • Inflation is surging, making summer entertainment more expensive.
  • With kids out of school, it's also harder to stay on budget.
  • There are ways to make sure you don't spend too much, especially around the house.

Spending too much this summer may seem tempting, but it can be avoided.

Summer is often an expensive time of year for many people. With kids off school, parents are often tempted to reach for the credit cards to find ways to entertain them. The warmer months are also a prime time to travel, which can lead to extra spending as well. 

Staying on budget may be even harder this summer than in the past as inflation is surging. But, the good news is, there are ways you can keep costs down so you don't find yourself ending the summer months with a lot more debt than you started with. Here are five tips to help ensure you keep your spending at a reasonable level.

1. Make sure your home is well-insulated

Air conditioning is one of the biggest expenses people face over the summer months -- especially as the weather has grown hotter due to climate change. If you want to make sure your utility bills don't skyrocket, check your home's insulation. You should also look around doors and windows for gaps or cracks you could caulk in order to avoid letting cold air out and warm air into your home. 

By making your house more airtight, you can significantly reduce the extra costs you face to cool your house as the temperature climbs. 

2. Consider a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat can also help you avoid skyrocketing utility costs during the summer months. If you can set your thermostat to raise the temperature a bit when you aren't home and after you have gone to sleep, you can be comfortable in your home while still spending less of your hard-earned money on A/C costs.

3. Look for free activities for kids

Entertaining children can be a huge summer expense once kids are out of school. But you don't have to spend a fortune on expensive summer camps, pool memberships, or other paid activities. Instead, be on the lookout for free events -- or plan them yourselves. 

Local libraries can be a great resource for no-cost activities for kids of all ages. Or you could get together with other parents to plan special outings such as sports meetups or playdates at someone's house who has a pool. Kids can still have a great time socializing with their friends and learning new things without you breaking the bank to give them a fun summer. 

4. Reduce car trips

With the weather getting warmer, it's a great time to switch to riding your bike or walking more rather than driving. Making this change could save you a fortune with gas prices so high, and it could help you free up money for other things you want to do this summer.

5. Consider a staycation 

Finally, instead of taking off on a costly trip this summer, consider finding things to do in your own home town. Many people have never explored the area where they live, but you can change that by planning local or day trips rather than costly road trips or air flights to far away destinations. 

By following these tips, hopefully you can make sure you don't overspend during this season while still enjoying all the fun that summer has to offer.

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