5 Ways Being a Remote Worker Can Save You Money

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You'll likely spend a lot less money as a remote worker -- here are some of the ways you can save big.

Being a remote worker comes with a lot of benefits. It can offer the opportunity to work in the comfort of your own home or even from a new city or country. Being a remote worker can also provide a better work-life balance.

You can also save a lot of money by working remotely. Here are five ways it pays to work from home.

1. Eliminate commuting costs

It's no secret that commuting to work can take time and effort. But it can also cost money. If you work in a traditional office setting and don't live near your work, transportation costs can add up fast. Parking, gasoline, and public transportation are the most common commuting costs. Even your car insurance costs can be higher if you're using your car to commute to and from work. Remote workers can eliminate these added costs by working from home.

2. Spend less on food

If you work in a traditional office setting, it's easy to be tempted to spend money on takeout with coworkers or go out for costly lunches.

Let's say you spend $15 a day three days a week going out to eat or ordering takeout as an office worker. That would result in $180 spent in a typical month. After a whole year of doing this, you would easily spend over $2,000!

When you work from home, there's less temptation to order food or go out to eat because your coworkers aren't there to influence your behavior. You'll have access to a fully stocked fridge and pantry with healthy, affordable snacks and meals. And since you'll save time with no commute, you'll also have more time to meal prep for lunches and snacks in advance. As a remote worker, you're likely to do less impulse spending, and you'll save on weekday lunch costs.

3. Freedom to live where you want

As a remote worker, you're not tied down to a particular office building or city. That gives you the flexibility to live almost anywhere you want. If saving money is your goal, moving to one of the most affordable cities is a good plan. Living in an area with a lower cost of living will make for lower bills, and it can give you a chance to put extra money toward your financial goals. This could be especially helpful for people living somewhere with a high cost of living who may feel like they're never able to get ahead.

4. Eliminate or reduce child care costs

According to a 2019 survey conducted by Care.com, more than 40% of respondents spend over 15% of their income on childcare costs. Due to this, many parents -- women in particular -- may find themselves driven out of the workforce because childcare is too expensive.

Having one or more parent work from home can be a lifesaver for some families. This can make it possible for one parent to be available for some childcare needs while still bringing in an income. As a remote worker, you might be able to eliminate some or all of your childcare costs.

5. Save on clothing expenses

When you work remotely, you may not need to spend as much on clothes anymore. You might purchase a couple of outfits for online meetings and events, but you won't have to worry about having a professional outfit for every day of the week. This can result in significant savings. You'll probably feel more comfortable throughout the work day, too.

Will remote work become the norm?

Many people who worked in traditional office settings got a taste of what remote work is like during the pandemic. And some companies are now making remote work a permanent part of their company culture. It will be interesting to see how more companies evolve and adopt this work practice, whether on a full-time or part-time basis.

If you're a remote worker who is saving money in your daily work life, consider putting more money in your savings accounts. Doing this can help you be prepared for unexpected emergencies. Plus, saving regularly is a good habit to get into. Choosing an account with a high interest rate can help your money grow. If you want to find more ways to help with your financial decisions, check out our personal finance resources.

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