How I'm Making the Holidays Magical With Dollar Tree Items

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  • The holidays can be an expensive time, but I purchase many holiday items at the Dollar Tree.
  • These items, including decorations and gifts, help make the season special. 

Holiday decor and treats don't have to cost a fortune. 

I've always been a huge fan of the holidays and that's especially been the case since I had kids. I remember fondly the wonderful Christmas times I had as a child and I want to make the season magical for my two kids too.

What I don't want to do, though, is break out the credit cards and end up spending a fortune. The festive season is an expensive time, and there's lots of pressure to shell out more cash than you can afford just to make your kids' dreams come true. I want to avoid this outcome at all costs. 

The good news is, I don't have to go over budget or spend more than I'm comfortable with for holiday items. I've been able to use tons of items from the Dollar Tree to make the season truly memorable. Here's how.

Dollar Tree decorations adorn every room

My son loves to help me decorate the house and the Dollar Tree enabled me to go crazy with the decorations. 

Every room has some type of decoration, whether it's mini elves, small trees, bowls full of ornaments, gnomes with funny festive hats, or jars filled with pine branches. There are also glow-in-the-dark solar Santa decorations on our lawn, cardboard signs proclaiming messages of the season, and my dog even has reindeer ears (which thrill her just as much as you can imagine).

These decorations aren't the fanciest or the most elegant on the block. But they hardly cost me anything so I was able to allow him to decorate to his heart's content. I can have designer holidays with expensive baubles later, but for now, quantity is the name of the game in our house. 

Dollar Tree holiday dishes and glasses make my table festive

The Dollar Tree, surprisingly, also has some great holiday dishes and glasses that we've added to our china collection. 

Our dining room table is set with placemats from the Dollar Tree, dishes with holiday themes, and sparkly snowflake glasses -- all of which I was able to buy for just $1 each. My son comments every time he goes in with how pretty it is and we can't wait to have our holiday meal. 

Our stockings are stuffed with Dollar Tree items 

A few years ago, I was stunned to find Dollar Tree stockings with beagle heads on them (my dog is a beagle, and we are a bit beagle obsessed). They hang from our mantle each year, and they will be stuffed with Dollar Tree items for my son and daughter to delight in. From Sesame Street rattles for my 8-month-old to coloring books and little toy cars, the Dollar Tree has provided a wealth of gifts at very low costs so our stockings can be stuffed full.

We've done tons of Dollar Tree crafts 

Finally, the Dollar Tree has provided me with tons of holiday crafts and activities that my son and I can do together. We even made some makeshift snow with white hair conditioner and baking powder based on a Pinterest recipe and found some red oven mitts that we put my son and daughter's handprints on to be gifts for the grandparents.

With a little creativity and a few visits to the Dollar Tree, you can also make your own home full of holiday magic -- all without breaking the bank. Hopefully these ideas give you some inspiration to do just that.  

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