I'm a Frugal Person, but Here Are 3 Things I Won't Hesitate to Spend Money On

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  • While I like saving money, I prefer to do so by keeping big expenses down.
  • Instead, I spend my money on things that matter to me, like good footwear and the tools I need for work.

Saving money has always been important to me. In fact, it actually pains me to dip into my savings account for emergency expenses, even though I know that's what the money is there for. And to make my savings habits possible, I'm cautious in how I spend my paychecks.

Not only do I consider most purchases I make carefully, but I also make a point to keep some of my larger expenses low. The average U.S. mortgage payment, for example, is $3,048, reports Business Insider, and that's for a 30-year loan. For a 15-year loan, it's $3,976. I have a 15-year mortgage, and I can tell you that my monthly payment is less than half of what the average person with that term pays.

I also do other things to keep my bills low. I drive an older car, I do lots of cooking myself rather than dine at restaurants, and I spend as little as I can on clothing for both myself and my kids. 

But there are certain items I have a tendency to spend a decent amount of money on because I feel that doing so is important and lends to a better quality of life. Here's what those items look like.

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1. Running shoes

My family is a family of runners. Even my 8-year-old twins run multiple miles a week. Since I've been a runner for a long time, I know how important it is to not only have quality shoes, but to replace your shoes often. And I won't hesitate to do that, even if it means higher bills.

2. A good laptop

As a writer, the last thing I can afford to do is get slowed down by a slow laptop with limited capacity and memory. I'm more than willing to shell out extra money for a business-class laptop that lets me get my work done with ease. This isn't to say that I need the most expensive laptop at the store. But I won't settle for a $500 laptop, either, if I need capabilities beyond what it offers.

3. Healthy food

As someone who's been known to impulse-buy Costco cheesecakes, I can't exactly claim to uphold the healthiest food habits at home. But part of the reason I feel that it's okay to indulge in desserts like that is because I, along with my family, eat my share of vegetables and healthy meals, like lean proteins. These items tend to drive my grocery bills way up. But I'm willing to deal with higher credit card bills if it allows me to feed my family the way I want to.

It's all about setting priorities

The things in my life that I'm willing to spend extra money on are things that are very important to me. And that's why I'll gladly spend $160 at the supermarket on a week's worth of food, but I generally won't spend more than $8 on a t-shirt or pair of kids' pants.

Even if you have lofty savings goals, you should know that it's okay to spend extra money on the things you consider a priority. You just can't spend extra on everything you buy. But if you limit your higher spending to a few key items that enhance your quality of life, you'll likely find that it doesn't hurt your finances at all.

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