Stimulus Update: Democrats Aren't Giving Up on Another Stimulus Check for Some Americans

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  • A fourth federal stimulus check seems unlikely.
  • Some lawmakers on the left haven't given up on the idea of providing more stimulus relief.
  • Congressman Adam Schiff recently sent a leader urging Democratic leaders in the House to take swift action to provide more payments.

There's still a sliver of hope for another stimulus check as long as lawmakers keep fighting.

Americans hoping for a fourth stimulus check from the federal government have been repeatedly disappointed this year as there have been few efforts to offer additional financial relief. But, there are some lawmakers who are still advocating for additional direct payments into the bank accounts of at least some Americans.

In fact, on Dec. 6, 2022, Congressman Adam Schiff (D-California) released the news that he'd sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, the two Democrats who currently hold leadership positions in the House of Representatives.

In the letter, Schiff urged his colleagues to take action to move forward with legislation that would provide thousands of dollars in additional stimulus funds to some Americans.

More stimulus money for parents remains a priority

The American Rescue Plan Act is the most recent legislation that provided stimulus payments for COVID-19 related financial losses. The Act offered $1,400 checks to most adults and dependents, and also an expanded Child Tax Credit that paid up to $3,600 per child.

It is this expanded Child Tax Credit that Congressman Schiff is urging Democratic lawmakers to offer again. The expansion of the tax credit authorized by the American Rescue Plan Act expired at the end of December 2021, but Schiff believes it should be continued indefinitely.

"As you consider any potential end-of-year package and tax extender bills to be brought to the Floor for a vote, I write to ask that you prioritize extending and making permanent the expanded monthly refundable Child Tax Credit," Schiff said.

Schiff explained that the credit resulted in millions of children being pulled out of poverty, and that more than 60 million families in total benefited from the extra funds being deposited into their bank accounts. He also indicated that evidence showed the expanded credit helped the economy.

In light of its benefits, Schiff is pressing Democratic lawmakers to move forward with re-authorizing the credit before the new Congress is sworn in this coming January and Republicans take control of the House of Representatives.

Will these efforts to provide another stimulus check result in money being delivered?

Schiff is not the only lawmaker on the left who has repeatedly voiced support for the continuation of the expanded Child Tax Credit. This credit has been one of the key priorities of the Biden administration. If the federal government provides any further financial relief, this is most likely the form it will take.

It remains unclear if the expansion of this credit could get the majority support needed to pass. But, if more congressmen and senators join forces with Schiff to urge action, the chances will only increase of parents getting the additional help they so desperately need.

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