Stimulus Update: More Stimulus Payments May Still Be Within Reach

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  • Inflation is surging.
  • Some states are considering stimulus checks that would provide financial relief.
  • It's possible the federal government could also act.

Could more stimulus money still come your way?

In recent years, Americans have received a substantial amount of stimulus money in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The American Rescue Plan Act was signed into law by President Joe Biden in March of 2021 and it provided thousands of dollars to most individuals and families. This money was deposited into their bank accounts or sent via check last year. It followed multiple payments authorized by the Trump administration and paid out earlier in the pandemic.

This year, however, there has been no additional assistance offered on the federal level. Americans have been clamoring for more funds in 2022 with millions signing a petition online requesting ongoing stimulus payments.

While the federal government has thus far refused to act, there's a possibility this could soon change as a result of the devastating impact that inflation is having on household budgets. Some states are also considering taking action to help the public where Washington D.C. lawmakers have fallen short.

Could inflation lead to more stimulus payments?

Inflation has been surging this year, repeatedly hitting recent record highs and causing many consumers to struggle to make ends meet. With prices going up so much for basic necessities, some lawmakers have already begun exploring options to provide much-needed financial help.

Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania, for example, recently proposed sending $2,000 checks to Pennsylvania residents, stating in a news release: "Pennsylvanians should not have to choose between paying for utilities or groceries, childcare or gas. We have the opportunity and the means to ensure they're not struggling, to ensure their success." A number of other states and municipalities have been looking into ways to get more money into people's pockets.

While lawmakers in D.C. haven't yet put forth any proposals to offer cash to help people cope with the overall trend towards rising prices -- even as states have started exploring their options -- some Democrats on the federal level did put forth a law called The Gas Rebate Act of 2022. If passed, this law would offer up to $100 per month to assist people in coping with high fuel prices.

Since many experts are projecting that inflation will get worse, it's possible that federal lawmakers could soon broaden their efforts to provide relief beyond just putting forth this plan to help the public deal with gas costs. While it's not clear if such legislation would get bipartisan support, public pressure could potentially prompt lawmakers to take action.

And with many states still in possession of federal funds from previous COVID-19 relief bills, more states could step up and offer direct payments if inflation continues surging and federal relief doesn't end up coming.

In other words, hope for another payment isn't necessarily misplaced, even though another stimulus check is far from a sure thing. For those in need of financial relief, it's a good idea to watch both local officials as well as federal lawmakers for signs that more legislation could be forthcoming.

Contacting your representatives and making your struggles known could also help to prompt action, especially if prices continue to rise.

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