Walmart+ Members Can Earn Cash Back Rewards Through This Brand-New Program

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  • Cash back rewards programs can help shoppers save money.
  • Walmart introduced a brand-new rewards program called Walmart Rewards.
  • This cash back rewards program will be available to all Walmart+ members.

If you've been considering joining Walmart+, now might be a good time.

The Walmart+ program is a paid membership program that offers perks like free delivery and fuel discounts to frequent Walmart shoppers. Members can save even more money while shopping using the brand-new rewards program, Walmart Rewards. This cash back rewards program will be available to Walmart+ members.

Cash back rewards programs are a great way to earn money back on the spending you already plan to do. Over time, the rewards could add up, and you may be able to put more money towards your savings goals or pay off debt.

If you're a Walmart+ member, you don't want to miss out on this money-saving program. Inflation has made everyday essentials more costly. Using cash back programs like this could be a great way to keep more money in your bank account.

Introducing the Walmart Rewards program

The Walmart Rewards program is a brand-new program available to Walmart+ members. Powered by the Ibotta Performance Network, members can earn cash back rewards as they do their usual shopping.

While cash back earnings don't result in an immediate discount, shoppers can apply them to future orders. When you're ready to redeem rewards from previous shopping trips, you can use your savings at checking, reducing the total you pay.

Members can view their current rewards balance in the rewards center. Rewards are earned when you activate and purchase qualifying items.

To activate a reward, press the add rewards button online or through the Walmart app. You can search within the app for cash back opportunities. You must activate offers to earn rewards.

This program is similar to how cash back apps function -- except you can only use this program when shopping at Walmart or as a Walmart+ member.

Walmart hopes to add more features to the Walmart Rewards program in the future.

More ways to save money when shopping

Even if you only buy essentials, there's no getting out of heading to the store or shopping online. But regular shopping trips cost money and can impact your budget.

Are you looking for ways to spend less money? The following tips may be helpful:

Review prices before you head to the store. Many brands have their own mobile apps, which you can use to search for specific products and check prices. Doing this before you head to the store is an excellent way to avoid sticker shock. You can also better plan your shopping list.

Use coupons. Paper coupons still exist, and they could help you spend less. If you're more into digital coupons, use those instead. Many retailers have virtual coupons available in their mobile apps. Additionally, coupon apps can help you save money when shopping online.

Stick to generic brands. You'll likely pay a lot more if you only buy brand-name items. Compare prices and consider buying generic brands to lower your spending.

Pay with a rewards credit card. By using rewards credit cards, you can earn valuable rewards. While savings won't be instant, you may be able to use your points to get cash back, a statement credit, or redeem your points for gift cards to save on future purchases.

If high prices are getting you down, you're not alone. Review our personal finance resources to learn additional ways to make smart money moves.

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