Why You Should Ditch Netflix for The Disney Bundle

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  • The Disney Bundle with no ads is the same cost as the top-tier Netflix plan -- but you get way more for your money, with three services to Netflix's one.
  • With Netflix, you may need supplemental services to make everyone in the family happy.
  • Several credit cards offer statement credits that can cover some or all of the cost of The Disney Bundle.

The King is dead. Long live the Mouse.

Although there are many players in the game, Netflix is often credited with pioneering mainstream in-home on-demand video streaming. At the very least, it was objectively the primary platform for many years.

These days, however, there are dozens of streaming options. And Netflix, sadly, is no longer the best service for most people.

In fact, for the typical family -- and even many single-user households -- it's safe to argue that The Disney Bundle (TDB) may be the better choice, especially if you only want to subscribe to one service. Here's why.

TDB gives you more for your money

One of the most frustrating things about Netflix is its pricing structure. Its basic plans (including the new ad-supported tier) are relatively affordable, but you get very few features.

For Netflix, you need at least the mid-tier plan to get HD-quality streams and multiple streams at once. And for 4K quality or more than two simultaneous streams, you need the top-tier service at $19.99 a month. That's a hefty hit to the bank account for a single streaming service.

For that same $19.99 a month, you can subscribe to the TDB no-ads version (now known by its new marketing name, the Disney Bundle Trio Premium). This includes 4K content, multiple simultaneous streams, downloads -- the works. But you don't get just one service, you get three: Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+.

Triple the services, exponentially more selection

In my opinion, Hulu alone stands up to Netflix in terms of content, especially if you're a TV fan. Hulu has tons of TV shows, old and new, and offers next-day streaming of brand-new episodes for many popular shows. There's also a good selection of movies, as well as Hulu-created content that includes some solid hits.

But when you add Disney+ to the mix, Netflix can't really compare. For one thing, it's the only place to see the latest Star Wars and Marvel content, which is what most of the proverbial watercooler talk is about most days. Even the much-lauded Netflix-produced Marvel shows are now solely on Disney+.

If you have kids, however, Disney+ becomes even more valuable. Netflix has some kid-friendly content, sure, but it doesn't have nearly every animated kids movie made in the last century. Disney does.

And finally, the sports. Netflix isn't exactly known for its live sports coverage -- or even not-so-live coverage. ESPN+ may not include live coverage of every sport, but it certainly includes far more sports than Netflix does.

All of this is to say that if you only pay for a single subscription, The Disney Bundle is going to give you significantly more selection than a Netflix subscription. If you subscribe to Netflix, chances are good you'll also need supplemental subscriptions to other services to make everyone in the family happy. TDB gives you all of that in one.

Extra savings through credits

Another thing that sets TDB apart from Netflix is the potential for credit card savings. Yes, a good streaming rewards card will give you the same rewards for Netflix as TDB.

But we're not talking about simple rewards. Instead, we're talking about credits. Specifically, the credits offered by certain American Express cards that will cover some, or even all, of the cost of your TDB subscription. (Terms apply.)

All you need to do is have an eligible card, enroll it in the offer, then use it to pay for your subscription. Presto, big discount.

One stream to rule them all

Choosing a streaming service is a personal decision, as we all have different needs and wants. But when one platform provides so many options in one, that decision can be simple. The Disney Bundle is that platform.

Sure, it won't be for everyone. If you really want endless stand-up comedy and foreign period dramas, Netflix may be your better option. But for a typical family, TDB simply makes more sense.

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