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Tim Brugger

Tim Brugger


Tim has been writing professionally for several years after spending 18 years (Whew! Was it that long?)in both the retail and institutional side of the financial services industry. Tim resides in Portland, Oregon with his three children and the family dog.

Recent articles

Digitized World

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation Earnings: What You Need to Know

The memory and Internet of Things provider finishes its fiscal year just how it began: on a high note.

Better Stock: Sierra Wireless Inc. vs. Qualcomm

Both tech companies offer investors growth, particularly due to their forays into new, burgeoning markets.

Voice Recognition

Why This Internet of Things Stock May Be the Best Buy In Tech

The display and interface upstart Synaptics has fallen out of favor, and that translates to an opportunity.


Is Cypress Semiconductor Corporation a Buy in 2018?

The up-and-coming IoT provider is coming off a banner year. Can it keep the momentum going?

Display Driver Automotive

Where Will Himax Technologies, Inc. Be in 5 Years?

The semiconductor upstart has its share of bears, but its forays into new markets could be a boon in the coming years.


Is Facebook Stock a Buy in 2018?

Here's what's looking good for the social media king.

Investigating the unknown

3 Unknown but Amazing Dividend Stocks

A company's notoriety, or in this case, a lack thereof, shouldn't limit your search for great dividend stocks.

FireEye 2

Is FireEye, Inc. a Buy?

The data security upstart faces a long, upward battle, but it's making headway.


Is CalAmp Corp. a Buy?

This Internet of Things connectivity upstart doesn't get much attention from analysts, but their oversight could be your next overperformer.

New Year 2017

Here's How Microsoft Corporation Crushed It in 2017

The cloud king is flying high after a banner year, and the best is yet to come.

IBM Cloud

Why IBM's Post-Earnings Sell-Off Is a Buying Opportunity

Big Blue takes a beating after sharing fourth-quarter and fiscal 2017 earnings, for all the wrong reasons.

3 Stocks the World's Best Investors Are Buying Right Now

Some of the best investors in the world are buying shares of these companies, and for good reason.


Why the Bears Are Wrong About Himax Technologies Inc. Stock

Shares of the display driver upstart have been beaten up lately, but for all the wrong reasons.

New Year 2017

Here's How Intel Corporation Crushed It in 2017

It was a breakout year in many ways for the data center first provider, and it’s just the beginning of what’s to come.

Data Security

Better Buy: Palo Alto Networks, Inc. vs. Check Point Software

Both cybersecurity providers are poised for growth, but one gets the nod thanks to its strong bottom-line growth.


Is Cisco Systems, Inc. a Buy in 2018?

The cloud software and infrastructure mainstay ended last year in style, but can it keep the ball rolling in 2018?

Weighing Options

Better Buy: Himax Technologies, Inc. vs. Cypress Semiconductor

A strong case can be made for both semiconductor upstarts, but one holds the edge as the better buy.

Growth Stock Chart

Better Buy: Micron Technology Inc. vs. Qualcomm

Both tech stalwarts have their strengths, but one has superior growth prospects.

3 High-Yield Stocks Still Worth Buying

Uncertainty is concerning for many investors, but some high-yield stocks warrant consideration despite the questions.

Internet of Things

2 Stocks to Help You Make Money in Retirement

Whether you're an income investor or a growth seeker, IBM and Cisco deserve consideration for your portfolio.

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