In July, Comcast (CMCSA -0.36%) launched a streaming-video-on-demand service called Peacock. And according to a recent survey by media consultant group Kantar, it's been signing up subscribers faster than the competition. Of the new streaming subscribers in the third quarter of 2020, Peacock claimed the top spot with 17.2% of the subscriptions. This includes both the free ad-supported version and the paid versions of Peacock's service. 

Comcast wasn't the only media company included in Kantar's survey results. Narrowly behind Peacock was Amazon (AMZN -0.17%) Prime's streaming service, accounting for 16% of new streaming subscribers. HBO Max from AT&T (T 0.17%), Disney's (DIS 1.09%) Hulu, and Disney+ rounded out the top five. 

Two people sit on a couch to stream TV in a home setting.

Image source: Getty Images.

It's not surprising to see Peacock signing up subscribers faster than its peers. Of the services in the top five, Peacock is the newest. With hit shows like Yellowstone, it was bound to be popular among people switching from traditional paid TV to streaming. And given the service's various price points, it's also one of the most accessible streaming services around.

The upcoming fourth quarter could also go well for Peacock. Roku (ROKU 1.00%) is a streaming-video platform with over 43 million users. In September, Roku was able to reach a deal to make Peacock available to its users. Landing Q3's most-subscribed streaming service is good for Roku, but it benefits Comcast as well. The deal increases Peacock's distribution, which bodes well for future subscriptions.

Additional survey results from Kantar confirm a cheery Q4 outlook. Of households surveyed, 15% are considering a Peacock subscription.