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Jon Quast

Jon Quast


After spending more than a decade travelling the world exploring different cultures and languages, I'm happy to now be contributing to the Motley Fool's mission to make the world smarter, happier, and richer. What's great about exploring business and the economy is the insight it gives you into how things are in the world. While I no longer get to exercise my analytical muscles with linguistics, it's rewarding to analyze business and share my opinions through this platform.

Appreciate my writing, have an idea for me, or is there an issue with something I wrote? Feel free to reach out to me at

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Here's Why GameStop Stock Just Exploded Higher

Everyone is gearing up for short squeeze 2.0.

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Here's Why MicroStrategy Stock Went Up Today

Bitcoin is recovering today, and MicroStrategy owns a lot more Bitcoin than it did before.

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Here's Why PubMatic Stock Popped Today

Its first quarter as a public company was a screaming success.

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Here's Why Trex Stock Fell Today

2020 was a record year for the company, but top-line growth could be slowing in the new year.

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Freshpet Stock Falls Following Earnings Report

Growth slowed slightly in the fourth quarter, but management has boosted the company's goals for 2025.

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Why fuboTV Stock Got Crushed Today

There was little to keep this stock from falling with the market today.

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Why Bitcoin Mining Stocks Got Crushed Today

Bitcoin may be going down because regulatory and valuation concerns are rising.

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Why Quidel Stock Got Crushed on Monday

Investors are starting to get worried now that COVID-19 is possibly declining.

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Why Arista Networks Stock Fell Today

Forgetting all the good news from last week, the stock sold off with the rest of the market.

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5 Stocks That Could Make You Rich

Historically, relatively few stocks have been winners. But these five companies all share two market-beating characteristics.

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Is DoorDash Stock a Buy?

The company stole the market from bigger competitors and now faces the challenge of making this a profitable venture.

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Redfin Stock Pops After Announcing $608 Million Acquisition of RentPath

The company didn't announce how the deal would be financed.

soft drink poured in glass

Coca-Cola Looks to Take Control of Popular Sports Drink Company BodyArmor

The two companies share the same vision of usurping Gatorade as the top brand in the space.

businessman riding rocket ship cash money exhaust

Riot Blockchain, Canaan, and The9 Stock All Soared Today as Bitcoin Becomes $1 Trillion Asset

Demand for the popular cryptocurrency is only getting stronger the higher the price climbs.

a businessman draws exponential growth curve on chart

Why CleanSpark Stock Is Spiking Higher Today

This management team may have calmed investors' fears for now.

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Why 9F Stock Absolutely Soared Today

When day traders converge on penny stocks, stock prices can explode higher.

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Why Roku Stock Pulled Back Today

One analyst raised its price target for Roku stock and simultaneously implied around 40% downside.

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Bitcoin Surpasses $51,000 Milestone, Pulling Many Stocks Higher Today

There's more Bitcoin demand from Wall Street today and the Bitcoin mining boom is only getting stronger.

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Got $1,000? 10 Reasons to Buy PayPal Stock

No one can argue with its history of success, and the scale of management's near-term vision is astounding.

frustrated man in front of stock chart going down crash losses

Here's Why Wingstop Stock Plunged Today

Fourth-quarter results missed Wall Street's expectations, and growth is expected to slow in 2021.