Here's How to Get One of Those Gorgeous Metal Credit Cards

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  • Most major issuers offer metal versions of some of their cards.
  • Many metal cards are fancy rewards cards with big annual fees, but you can find a few no annual fee options, too.
  • You typically don't need to pay extra for a metal card.

Bring some bling to your wallet!

For a credit card collector like me, the aesthetics of credit cards is a topic of fascination. There's just so much variety out there! Some cards are plain and utilitarian. Other cards have actual artwork designed by famous artists. And everything in between.

Then you have the metal cards. These laser-cut, embossed, heavy cards turn heads everywhere. The ugliest metal credit card will still start up a conversation due to its sheer mass. But there are downright gorgeous metal options out there, too. (I've seen a couple I've been tempted to apply for just for the aesthetics!)

Which issuers have metal credit cards

Metal cards used to be an exclusive perk of the invite-only cards. Today, however, you can find them from almost every major card issuer.

Issuer Number of Metal Cards Annual Fee
American Express 7 $95+
Bank of America 2 $95+
Capital One 3 $95+
Chase 6* $0+
Citi 2* $450
Discover 0 -
U.S. Bank 3 $0+
Wells Fargo 3* $0+
Some cards are not currently open to new applicants.

To learn more about metal cards and find one of your own, check out our guide to the Best Metal Credit Cards.

How do you get a metal card?

Believe it or not, all you need to do to get your hands on a metal credit card is apply for it and be approved. It's really that simple.

All right, so getting approved for a metal card may not be quite as easy as that. Most metal cards are rewards credit cards. This means they'll require at least good credit. And if you want one of the premium cards with the big annual fee, you'll probably want excellent credit.

Do they all have annual fees?

Nope! Sure, many metal credit cards have annual fees. In fact, it's safe to say that most of them have some sort of fee. That's because they're usually the premium travel rewards cards or other top-tier rewards cards.

That said, you can find no annual fee options for metal cards. You probably won't get something made of titanium at that price point, but you can certainly find some hefty options that will still impress the uninitiated.

Do you need to pay extra?

Since metal cards are presumably more expensive to manufacture than plastic ones, it's fair to think you may have to pay extra for a metal option. Happily, that isn't the case. Metal credit cards from the major issuers are sent out automatically once you're approved, no extra fees -- besides any applicable annual fees -- required.

What makes metal cards different from plastic?

The only difference between a metal card and a plastic one is the material. They work exactly the same as a plastic card, with the same EMV chips and contactless payment options.

Metal cards are typically made with some type of metal alloy, often involving aluminum or stainless steel. The pricier cards are made of flashy materials like titanium or, in the case of uber-elite luxury cards, gold and platinum. There's even been a few special edition cards made of unique materials like airplane cladding.

The nature of a metal card also means that instead of your information being printed or stamped onto the card, as it is with plastic cards, it's etched into the surface with a laser. Neato!

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