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Wendy Connick

Wendy Connick


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tax return 1040 and refund check

3 Tax Breaks That Are About to Disappear

The 2017 tax year is your last chance to grab these tax breaks.

confused man staring at blackboard with complicated equations formulas math

Are You Financially Literate? Answer These 3 Questions to Find Out

Financial literacy means that you grasp these basic financial concepts. Without it, you're unlikely to become wealthy.

shady businessman financial advisor fingers crossed behind back

4 IRS Tips for Picking a Tax Pro

Avoid the most tragic (and costly) mistakes when hiring someone to prepare your return.

debt past due notice

These 3 Steps Helped Americans Get Out of Debt in 2017

The average household with credit card debt owes $15,624. Wouldn't you like to pay yours off?

money raining on woman celebrating

Here's Why These Are the 4 Best Tax Deductions

They lower your adjusted gross income for the year and may put you into a lower tax bracket.

elderly senior woman worried

The Most Popular Medigap Plans Are Disappearing in 2020

If you intend to sign up for Medigap Plan C or F after you retire, you're in for a big disappointment.

Couple FInances

4 Signs You Shouldn't Do Your Own Tax Return

Got a complicated tax situation? Hiring a pro to do your return could be the best tax reduction trick of all.


2 Tax Breaks That Were Supercharged by Tax Reform

Changes in the medical expense deduction and child tax credit stand out for individual taxpayers.

401k cash in envelope and calculator

4 Things You Absolutely Need to Know About a 401(k)

These details can help every saver make an intelligent retirement plan.

social security calculator card statement

Will You Have to Pay Taxes on Your Social Security Benefits?

Thanks to the steady march of inflation, more and more retirees are forced to pay income taxes on their Social Security benefits.

hand drawing chart stock return

Here's How Bull Markets Can Be Bad for Your Portfolio

A rising market like the current one is a mixed blessing, as it can crank your portfolio's risk levels far higher than you'd like.

social security calculator card statement

Your Basic Guide to Calculating Your Social Security Benefits

Two helpful tools can give you an idea of how big that check will be.

senior couple using laptop and credit cards

3 Ways to Reduce Your Medicare Premiums

Lowering your Medicare premiums can free up some extra retirement income for other expenses.

money raining on people

Got a Side Gig? Here's a New Tax Break for You

The pass-through deduction can be a huge tax break if you have income from a side gig or small business.

IRS building sign and stoplight Internal Revenue Service headquarters

4 Tax Breaks for High-Income Households

If you're fortunate enough to belong to a high-income household, you'll definitely want to look into these tax breaks.

check to IRS for all my money tax

It's Not Too Late to Lower Your 2017 Taxes

Want to make a last-minute reduction to your 2017 tax bill? This deduction may be just the ticket.

man and woman relaxing in lounge chairs on a beach in the Maldives -- mature couple vacation early retirement

5 Things Young Workers Can Do Now to Retire Early

Planning for retirement while you're young can move your retirement forward by a decade or more.

credit cards (1)

Why the Average American Has Thousands in Credit Card Debt

If you've borrowed thousands from credit card companies to pay basic expenses, you have plenty of company.

hacker in hoodie identity theft cyber security

Here's the No. 1 Way to Prevent Tax Identity Theft

Tax identity theft is likely to be bigger than ever in 2018 -- but there's an easy way to protect yourself.

pickaxe and silver coin with bitcoin symbol on it lying on a pile of coal -- bitcoin mining cryptocurrency

Can You Really Make Money Mining Bitcoins?

Profits are not easy to come by. Expensive hardware and risky cloud mining deals are the main challenges.

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