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Applicant Tracking

As an employer, asking the right questions during a phone interview will help you hire qualified candidates. Here we recommend asking these seven questions.


Choosing the right CMS platform can feel overwhelming, especially when you have to consider what CMS features your need. Here are eight features you want.

Marketing Automation

In today's competitive marketplace, companies often have to reinvent themselves in order to survive. Here are five low-cost ways to reinvent your business.

Construction Management

A change order request allows you to modify a construction project, which will most likely lead to delays and cost overruns. Learn how to submit a change order.

Endpoint Security

Microsoft Defender Antivirus is an endpoint security solution that protects your computer against malware. Here we highlight its best features in this review.

Document Management

An S corporation allows you to file your business taxes as a pass-through entity. Here we explain the benefits and requirements for forming an S corporation.


The overhead rate is determined by calculating how much indirect overhead is spent to produce products or services. Learn how to calculate it plus see examples.


Bookkeeping and accounting are similar, yet also very different. In this article, The Blueprint explains the importance of the differences to small businesses.

Email Marketing

Email analytics allows you to track key email marketing metrics that help you make intelligent decisions. Learn to track the right metrics with this guide.


Digital transformation is about creating digital processes within your business to fit the digital age. Learn how to execute a digital transformation strategy.