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E-books are a great way to build your brand and showcase your expertise. Learn how to use e-books in your content marketing strategy for your business.


The three types of business term loans are conventional, hard money, and government guaranteed. Learn how to apply for a business term loan in five steps.

IT Management

An IT service catalog consists of a list of services offered to customers and technical components behind each service. Here's how to create an IT service catalog.

Project Management

Lean methodology optimizes a business by reducing inefficiency and giving the customer the best value. Here are the pros and cons of lean methodology.

Video Editing

Adding text effects in your videos can create depth and can make it really stand out. Learn how to add animated text effects as part of your normal workflow.


Equipment financing allows you to arrange leasing terms for the life of the asset. Here are three common eligibility requirements for equipment financing.

Customer Service

A customer-centric business makes decisions and policies based on the customer or client. Learn how to make your business customer-centric in five steps.

Human Resources

High-potential employees exceed their goals and achieve more than their coworkers. Learn how to identify high-potential employees within the workplace.

Document Management

File naming conventions allow you to simplify management, do smooth searches, and perform easy file retrieval. Here are three best practices when naming files.


Small business owners choose their pay periods based on business cash flow and employee needs. Learn how to decide which pay period works best for your business.
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