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Purchase orders are a necessary part of every business. This handy guide from The Blueprint walks you through the steps in the purchase order process.


For small business owners, payroll can feel like an overwhelming task. The Blueprint lists the top payroll services for small businesses.

Human Resources

To recruit the best candidates, you need an efficient and effective hiring process. The Blueprint details the steps you need to take to attract top talent.

Social Media

Social listening provides real-time feedback from your audience. The Blueprint shares the strategies you can use for this highly powerful tool.

Field Service Management

ServiceTitan is a highly customized and feature-rich field service management platform. The Blueprint takes an in-depth look at this.


Preparing an adjusted trial balance is an important part of the accounting cycle. The Blueprint walks you through the steps to create an adjusted trial balance.

Human Resources

Employees are the best resource to recruit top candidates. Learn with The Blueprint how to build, promote, and optimize an effective employee referral program.

Human Resources

Hiring and retaining top talent requires more than just a recruitment strategy. The Blueprint takes a look at how to create a talent acquisition strategy.

Human Resources

When hiring, HR managers need an onboarding checklist to create a favorable first impression. Start on the right foot with our onboarding checklist.

Human Resources

Multigenerational teams are better at problem-solving and more effective than homogeneous ones. The Blueprint explains how to cultivate a successful multigenerational workforce.
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