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Office Suites

LibreOffice is a free online office suite designed for small and medium-sized businesses. In this review, we highlight LibreOffice's best features and more.


RingCentral is an ideal choice for building a business that relies on its phone systems. In this review, we highlight RingCentral's best features and more.

Point of Sale

QuickBooks POS and Square are two giants in the point-of-sale industry, but which is better? The Blueprint compares their features and more side-by-side.

Learning Management System

Canvas and Blackboard Learn are two learning management heavyweights, but which is better? We've compared their best features to determine which comes out on top.

Learning Management System

eFront LMS is an enterprise learning management solution with powerful customization options. We've highlighted eFront's top tools, benefits, and more.

Learning Management System

Blackboard Learn is a responsive and advanced LMS with powerful teaching and learning tools. In this review, we outline Blackboard Learn's best features.

Endpoint Security

McAfee Endpoint Protection is an endpoint security solution that protects your business from cybertattacks. We've reviewed McAfee Endpoint's top tools and more.

Password Management

Bitwarden is an easy-to-use password manager that features 2FA, advanced security reports, and a password generator. We've reviewed Bitwarden's best tools.

Endpoint Security

ESET Endpoint Antivirus offers superior protection against malware and other potential threats. In this review, we detail ESET Endpoint Antivirus's best tools.

Endpoint Security

Symantec Endpoint Protection is a multi-layered security solution with proprietary technologies to stop threats. In this review, we highlight its best tools.
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