COVID-19 Articles


After COVID hit, this restauranteur had to adapt. He decided to create ghost kitchens and hire doctors to advise restaurants on COVID safety procedures.
The coronavirus has taken sales challenges to a whole new level. Here we detail what top business leaders are doing to adapt and thrive in this new environment.
No one has been able to escape the negative impacts of COVID on small businesses. Here's the story of how one bakery pivoted to survive -- and then prosper.
This baby food startup had an idea to help struggling parents without childcare. In the midst of COVID, they launched their business. Here's how they did it.


The arrival of COVID-19 started a scramble to rush homes to the market, purchase protective equipment, and adopt video technology. Here's Marty Signore's story.

Point of Sale

Price gouging occurs when sellers increase prices during a crisis. Don't overcharge your customers. Learn the best practices to avoid claims of price gouging.
Body Dynamics, a massage therapy business, reinvents itself by taking massages online. Learn how this company is using virtual sessions to keep business alive amid COVID-19.
So, your business has been closed due to COVID. Should you reopen now? Here are some of the consequences your business could face if you reopen too soon.
With new COVID cases on the rise again, states are issuing new orders to restrict some business operations. Here are five tips to prepare your business for another closure.
With no end in sight for the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are looking for ways to reopen safely. Here are five signs your business isn't ready to reopen.
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