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DP Taylor

DP Taylor has a passion for good business software and wants to help software users find the solution that best fits them. He likes to understand people's personal and business needs and figure out how software can solve problems. When he's not studying the world of business, he can be found hiking.

Recent Articles

How to Use Google Sheets as a CRM
Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet software that can function as a CRM for your business. Here's how to use Google Sheets as a CRM for your business needs.
How to Track Lead Status to Maximize Sales
Getting qualified sales leads is an important factor in the sales process and should be tracked. Implement these best practices to know the status of your leads.
7 Qualities to Look for in Your First Hire
When you're hiring a new employee, you’ve got to be sure you are making the right decision. Learn to look for the following seven qualities in your first hire.
8 Entrepreneurship Forums to Connect With Other Business Owners
Entrepreneurs need help along the way, and it's a good idea to connect with other entrepreneurs. Here are eight entrepreneurship communities to connect with.
How to Improve (and Shorten) Conference Calls by Preparing an Agenda
Preparing a conference call agenda ahead of time can make the call run smoothly and effectively. Here are three things to consider when creating a call agenda.
How to Cold Call Like a Pro: 7 Essential Tips
Cold calling is the part of the sales prospecting process that requires you to reach out to customers. Here are seven proven cold-calling tips to land the sale.
Sales Enablement 101: How to Help Your Team Convert More Leads
Sales enablement ensures the sales team has all the tools, resources, and training to sell efficiently. Make sure the software you choose has these three tools.
A Guide to Finding the Best CRM Help Desk Software
CRM help desk software helps your small business develop relationships with customers. Look for the following features when choosing CRM help desk software.
A Beginner's Guide to Contextual Advertising
Contextual advertising is when an automated process matches up the ad with the keyword searched by the visitor. Here's how contextual advertising works.
7 CRM Features of monday.com That Can Help You Build Your Business
The monday.com CRM platform helps take your sales team to the next level with its tools. Here are seven monday.com CRM features that can help manage customers.
How to Find Your First Client: A Guide
Out of the gate, finding your first client can be a challenge. If you're struggling to find clients, here are some tips for anyone wanting to be good salesperson.
How to Define Success as an Entrepreneur
Measuring success depends on the person. Ask yourself, why did you start the business in the first place? Here are seven common success metrics for entrepreneurs.
6 Steps to Take to Go From Employee to Entrepreneur
If you want to become an entrepreneur, there is a well-established path to follow. The Blueprint takes you through a six-step path that will get you there.
The 5 Free Best Electronic Signature Software
Electronic signature software is a must-have for businesses today. If your business is on a limited budget, try these top five free solutions on the market.
9 Best Practices for Building Relationships With Clients
Relationships with customers involve building trust, showing concern, research, and consultation. Here are nine tips to help enhance your client relationships.
5 Best Open-Source CRMs for Small Businesses in 2021
If you want to customize your software for your sales team, an open-source CRM will do the job. Here are the five best open-source CRM options for your business.
3 Best Practices for File Naming Conventions and Organization
File naming conventions allow you to simplify management, do smooth searches, and perform easy file retrieval. Here are three best practices when naming files.
A Step-by-Step Guide to Local Lead Generation
Local lead generation traffic sources include social media, SEO, and internet ads. Here are five tools you can use to generate sales leads for your business.
12 Small Business Resources to Help Your SMB Grow
Running a small business is hard, and you might need help securing funds, finding assistance, and getting information. Here are 12 resources that can help.
6 Best Practices for Archiving and Storing Files
As business grows, you may find yourself having files that need to be archived and stored for future reference. Here are six tips to make the process seamless.
Recruitment CRM vs. Applicant Tracking System: Which Should You Choose?
Are you a business owner that is actively hiring? Then you need a recruitment CRM or an applicant tracking system for hiring. We explain both to help you decide.
A Step-by-Step Guide to the Rational Unified Process
The Rational Unified Process (RUP) is a software development plan consisting of four phases. We break down each phase so you can execute RUP effectively.
Rework: The Blueprint's Book of the Month for January 2021
Is your business stuck in a rut? If so, it's time to turn your business around. Our SMB book of the month 'Rework' will help you make a change for the better.
Is Your Business Considered an SMB?
According to the Small Business Administration, 99.7% of businesses are small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). Here are six characteristics of an SMB.
QuickBooks POS vs. Square: Which Is Better?
QuickBooks POS and Square are two giants in the point-of-sale industry, but which is better? The Blueprint compares their features and more side-by-side.
The Complete Beginner's Guide to Writing a White Paper
Businesses explain how they solve business challenges to their customers via white papers. In this guide, we outline tips to help you write an effective white paper.
The 7 Best Ideas for Passive Income in 2021
Passive income allows you to rake in additional cash with little or no effort. Here are seven ideas that will help you generate a passive income stream in 2021.
Preparing a Quotation in 5 Easy Steps
A quotation should be well researched and fairly priced to keep price-sensitive customers happy. Here's how to prepare an accurate quotation for your next job.
11 Ways to Generate Targeted Leads for Your Business
Is your lead generation campaign slowing down or not producing the desired results? Here are some fresh ideas to generate targeted leads for your business.
The Complete Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Ads
Looking for an alternative to Google Ads? Try launching your next PPC campaign with Microsoft Ads. Here's how to create your first campaign on the Bing network.
How to Use monday.com for Your Marketing Project Management Needs
monday.com is a big player in the project management space, but how is it for managing marketing campaigns? Here are nine tools that will help manage your campaign.
How to Use Field Mobility to Make Your Business More Efficient
Field mobility allows you to go out into the field and have access to customer data. Here are three field mobility features you want when out on the road.
How to Use monday.com to Track Employee Training and Development
monday.com has an employee training and development feature that allows you to track employee progress. Learn how to to use it and watch their skills grow.
A 2021 Guide to Stripe's Fees: What You Need to Know
Stripe is a popular POS system that processes online and offline payments. Here we outline Stripe's pricing and fees structure to see if it makes sense for you.
How to Set a Base Salary: A Small Business Guide
Attracting the best talent will help the business succeed, but how do you determine a competitive base salary? Consider these things before you decide.
8 Strategies to Lower Your Customer Churn Rate
Understanding why customers have stopped using your product will help you keep them. Here are eight ways to reduce customer churn and improve performance.
CRMs vs. CMSes: Use Both to Grow Your Business
CRMs and CMSes are two vital platforms that focus on the sales and marketing part of your company. Here we break down how using both can help your business grow.
7 Reasons Supply and Demand Matters to Your Business
In order to achieve your goals, you should understand how supply and demand impacts your business. Here are seven factors that influence supply and demand.
What You Must Know about Highly Seasonal Businesses
Seasonal businesses run a few months or weeks throughout the year and are usually affected by weather or holidays. Here are five examples of seasonal businesses.
The 7 Best CRMs for Mobile Users
If you're always on the move, the best way to keep in touch with clients is with a mobile CRM. Here are the best CRM apps for communicating with customers via mobile.
A Beginner's Guide to 3 Types of Keyword Matches
Keyword match types can help you get more qualified leads and increase conversions. Learn how to identify and breakdown keyword match types with these strategies.
True or False: The Customer Is Always Right
Is the customer always right? Thinking with this mentality does have its benefits, but it can also have its negative effects. Here we detail the pros and cons.
3 Examples of Great Email Subject Lines That Convert to Sales
Writing email subject lines that get clicks and generate sales is a challenge. Here are a few examples to help you craft a catchy message that gets attention.
Building Bulletproof Email Buttons: A Step-by-Step Guide
Using email buttons as part of your email marketing strategy can prompt customers to take action. Learn how email buttons can help boost your conversion rate.
Project Crashing: What It Is and When to Use It
Project crashing refers to when a project manager is suddenly expected to complete a project with a shortened timeframe. Here's how to deploy an effective plan.
A Beginner's Guide to Three-Point Estimating
The three-point estimate is a management technique used to predict future costs, revenue, and timeline. Here's why you should use it on your next project.
A Step-by-Step Guide to Bottom-up Estimating
Bottom-up estimating is a technique that examines the project on a granular level. Learn how to use bottom-up estimating to ensure a more accurate project.
10 Time Management Best Practices for Entrepreneurs
As an entrepreneur, practicing good time management is key to running a successful business. Here are 10 strategies to help you better manage your time.
5 Things to Consider Before You Quit Your Job to Start a Business
Before you quit your job to start a business, it's helpful to consider what you're getting yourself into. Here are five things to keep in mind before starting.
Email Your WordPress Posts to Subscribers: Here's How
WordPress can automatically inform your subscribers of a new blog post with an email notification. Here's how to alert your subscribers of your new content.
The Ultimate Work-From-Home Guide: Tips and Best Practices
If you execute your work from home strategy well, you can enjoy some advantages like not commuting to the office. Here are 10 tips on how to work from home.
8 Strategies to Improve Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate
E-commerce sites see an average conversion rate of 1-2%, but it can be higher with targeted marketing. Here are eight ways to increase your conversion rate.
E-Commerce Fraud: What It Is and How to Prevent It
With the prevalence of e-commerce fraud growing rapidly, your small business should take some precautions. Here are some steps to help prevent e-commerce fraud.
6 Alternatives to Amazon for Your E-Commerce Business
Amazon is the biggest marketplace in the world, and your products may get lost in their catalog. Here are six alternatives that can give you better exposure.
3 Common Customer Complaints and How to Address Them
If you want to improve your customer service, focus your attention on handling complaints. Here are five best practices for handling customer complaints.
A Small Business Guide to Change Management
Change management allows companies to prepare for major changes in the organization and makes communication vital. Here's how to implement it in your business.
How to Sell Things Online: A Step-by-Step Guide
Planning to launch an e-commerce store and need some expert advice? Here are five tips for making your first online sale and a few things to consider first.
8 Smart Strategies to Improve Your Customer Service
Providing excellent customer service ensures your business will be around for years. Consider these eight ways to improve customer service and retain customers.
9 Biggest Business Benefits of Video Conferencing
Making video conferencing part of your day-to-day operations can improve productivity and boost morale. Here are nine ways your business can benefit from it.
A Business Owner's Guide to Gamification
Gamification offers game-like attributes in processes that will improve customer engagement. Learn what gamification looks like and how it's used in business.
How to Schedule a Google Meet: A Step-by-Step Guide
Google Meet is a robust video conferencing software designed for remote meetings. Learn how to create a Google Meet session with your team in seven steps.
How to Run a Virtual Brainstorming Session
A virtual brainstorming session is designed to solve company problems via video conferencing. Here are five tips to run an engaging brainstorming session.
Get Started With Social Entrepreneurship With These 7 Tips
Social entrepreneurs seek to make the world a better place and make a positive impact. Here are seven tips to help you get started in social entrepreneurship.
10 Business Etiquette Rules You Should Never Break
Practicing good business etiquette means treating your customers the way they should be treated. Here are 10 business etiquette rules to use in your business.
8 Common Challenges Entrepreneurs Face (and How to Overcome Them)
As an entrepreneur, you are constantly confronted with obstacles. To help you be prepared, here are eight challenges you might face and how to overcome them.
A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming an Entrepreneur
Do you want to be an entrepreneur and need a path to help you get started? Here are ten steps to increase your chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur.
Adopt an Entrepreneurial Mindset: How to Think Like an Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurs have a certain mental skill set that makes them more likely to run a successful business. Here are ten tips to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.
What You Need to Know About Being an Infopreneur
An infopreneur can sell their expert knowledge in a field and turn it into a full-time profession. Here are seven infopreneur business ideas that you can try.
Embarking as a Solopreneur? Here's What You Need to Know
A solopreneur runs their business independently, manages all aspects, and doesn't outsource anyone. Here we detail the pros and cons of being a solopreneur.
2021 Small Business Ownership Statistics
Small business ownership statistics will help you understand future trends. In this guide, we break down the statistics by age, gender, race, and education.
How Testimonials Can Boost Your Credibility
Customer testimonials are designed to build trust in your brand and increase sales. Here are five solid examples that will inspire you to design your own.
8 Best Content Management Systems for SEO
CMS software offers great features, but if they lack SEO best practices, you're in trouble. Here we outline the top CMS platforms that have a strong focus on SEO.
Prepare for the Holidays: Inventory Management
During the holiday season, inventory management is a critical issue and you need to be well prepared. Here are some helpful tips to plan for holiday inventory.
5 Types of Entrepreneurship: Which One Should You Pursue?
Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur but not sure which route to take? Here we outline five types of entrepreneurship that will help you decide.
How to Establish Business Goals for the Fiscal Year
Defining well-thought-out business goals shows stakeholders where your company is headed. Learn how to create clear goals for your business in three steps.
How to Make a Minimum Order Quantity Work for Your Business
A minimum order quantity (MOQ) is the least amount of inventory you can purchase from a supplier. Learn how to create a custom MOQ that works for your business.
How to Use ABC Analysis for Inventory Management
An ABC analysis allows you to start prioritizing which products should get the most attention. Learn how to perform one to make better inventory decisions.
IaaS vs. PaaS: What's the Difference?
IaaS and PaaS are two major cloud computing services, but which is a better fit for your small business? This guide breaks down the differences between them.
A Guide to the Economic Order Quantity Model
The economic order quantity (EOQ) model ensures the company has enough inventory to meet demand. Learn how to calculate costs with the EOQ formula.
A Guide to Real-Time Communication (RTC)
Real-time communication technology is an essential part of business; customers want answers now, not later. Here are the four types of real-time communication.
What Does a Customer Success Manager Do?
A customer success manager (CSM) makes sure the customer is taken care of and is satisfied with the company's offerings. Here are the responsibilities of a CSM.
What to Include on Your Contact Us Page
When customers reach out to your company, your Contact Us page is usually their first interaction. Get inspiration for building your page using these examples.
10 Conflict Resolution Tactics for Your Customer Service Team
Customers can be difficult and you can quickly lose control of the conversation. Here are ten conflict resolution tips to enhance your customer service efforts.
What Is the Net Promoter Score?
The net promoter score tells you how your business is performing from the customer's perspective. Learn how to improve your net promoter score in five steps.
How to Create a Sales Plan (Plus a Template)
A sales plan outlines the tactics on how your small business will go about finding and closing new customers. Learn what to include in a sales plan.
A Beginner's Guide to Agile Marketing
Agile marketing aims to increase the speed and flexibility of marketing efforts in the organization. Learn how to implement agile marketing in your business.
How to Password-Protect Your Folders
Keeping company data secure and preventing it from leaking to third parties should be a priority. Learn how to password-protect your folders to boost security.
A Small Business Guide to Warehousing
A warehousing system can manage your product inventory to ensure orders get fulfilled. Here are three ways warehousing can help you successfully manage inventory.
11 Ways Websites Make Money
Building an online store can be a great way to earn money from the comfort of your home. Learn how websites make money using these eleven methods.
What Does a Mechanical Contractor Do?
Mechanical contracting includes tasks such as plumbing, electrical, and refrigeration. Here we break down a mechanical contractor's roles and responsibilities.
What Is a Work Order?
Work orders to keep field service companies organized and running smoothly. Here we break down the different types of works orders your business can use.
9 Ways to Increase Your Productivity
Businesses should always be looking for ways to optimize performance by increasing productivity. Learn how to increase productivity with these nine methods.
9 Alternatives for "To Whom It May Concern" (to Actually Get Their Attention!)
Email greetings can be a big deal -- you can lose your customer's attention with that opening line. Stop using "To whom it may concern" and try these greetings.
10 Alternatives to "I Look Forward to Hearing From You"
“I look forward to hearing from you” is a common response when salesmen are talking business. Here are 10 alternative ways to answer prospective customers.
9 Actionable Small Business Tips for 2021 and Beyond
Starting a small business can be a terrifying experience, and it's worthwhile to get some sound advice. Here are nine tips that will help you stay afloat.
What Is the Difference Between Mission and Vision?
Organizations need mission and vision statements to put them on a track toward meaningful success. Here we outline seven examples to help you create your own.
How to Nail Your First Sales Presentation
A great sales presentation is key, and we've put together some tried-and-true product pitch techniques. Here are three tips to close after your presentation.
A Small Business Guide to Inventory Shrinkage
Inventory shrinkage is a discrepancy between what’s on the factory floor and what’s in your accounting records. Here's how you can prevent it in your business.
Understanding SaaS: A Small Business Guide
Software as a Service (SaaS) is now the dominant form of software offered to businesses today. We identify the top things to consider in a SaaS platform.
A Beginner's Guide to Demand Forecasting
Demand forecasting estimates the amount of products to be purchased in the foreseeable future. Here we outline how to incorporate it into your small business.
A Beginner's Guide to Requests for Proposal (RFPs)
The request for proposal (RFP) process requires good document control and is a key part of project planning. We break down the RFP process into four steps.
5 Most Efficient Order-Picking Methods
Finding the right order-picking method can increase the efficiency of warehouse operations. Here are five techniques that will improve warehouse management.
A Beginner's Guide to Warehouse Maintenance
Warehouse maintenance refers to keeping the facility storing your products in functioning condition. Here we detail seven best practices to improve maintenance.
6 Product Bundling Strategies That Work for Small Businesses
Businesses that do product bundling increase the average value of sales and move inventory. Here are four benefits of product bundling and some helpful tips.
9 Help Desk Best Practices to Improve Your Customer Support
Consumers tend to spend more money on companies that provide great customer service. Learn to improve your customer support with these help desk best practices.
How to Estimate a Construction Project
A construction project estimate is vital to keeping a project from going over budget. This guide explains how to create an accurate estimate from the start.
5 Ways You Can "Reinvent" Your Business With Minimal Cost
In today's competitive marketplace, companies often have to reinvent themselves in order to survive. Here are five low-cost ways to reinvent your business.
A Beginner's Guide to Construction Change Orders
A change order request allows you to modify a construction project, which will most likely lead to delays and cost overruns. Learn how to submit a change order.
8 Small Business Tech Innovations to Watch in 2021 and Beyond
Tech innovations can present a huge opportunity for small businesses, but which one should you integrate? Here are eight tech innovations to help you decide.
Navigating Subcontractor Agreements: What You Need to Know
A subcontractor agreement ensures that work gets completed on time and to your business standards. Here are six things to keep in mind before getting into one.
7 Expenses Most Small Businesses Can Eliminate
Most small businesses are in a constant battle of trying to cover their monthly expenses. Here we detail eight common expenses that you can eliminate today.
Understanding Cost Control in the Construction Industry
Construction projects tend to exceed their budgets; that's why it's important to keep costs under control. Here are eight ways to keep your project on track.
How to Properly Create a Construction Timeline
A construction timeline can help you save money and avoid schedule slips that would extend the project end date. Here are the five benefits of creating one.
A Small Business Guide to Carrying Safety Stock Inventory
Manufacturers should always have safety stock to handle surges of orders. This guide defines what safety stock is and how to calculate how much your business needs.
A Beginner's Guide to Job Order Costing
Job order costing refers to pricing products for each customer order to determine profitability. Learn how it can have a direct impact on your bottom line.
Don't Underestimate These 5 Benefits of Face-to-Face Communication
Face-to-face communication allows for a better communication experience. Learn to improve remote team performance with these top video conference software.
A Guide to the Digital Signature Certificate
Protecting your data is vital -- a digital signature certificate can keep that data secure. Learn how to secure your documents and leverage these four benefits.
A Beginner's Guide to Electronic Signatures
An electronic signature can streamline your document-signing process and document management. Learn how it works and how it can help you operate more efficiently.
4 Benefits of an Electronic Document and Record Management System (EDRMS)
An electronic document and record management system (EDRMS) allows you to organize unstructured records and information. Here are the benefits of using one.
A Guide to Creating a CRM Database
Run your business at peak efficiency with a CRM database. Without one, you're losing leads and customers. Learn how to create a CRM database in just four steps
What Makes a Great Lead Scoring Model (+ Examples)
A lead scoring model allows you to evaluate and rank leads based on how likely they are to convert. Here are four models that'll help you acquire the best leads.
How to Use Real-Time Chat for Your Customer Support
Providing your customers with real-time communication can increase your conversation rate. Learn how real-time chat can improve the customer service experience.
A Small Business Guide to Smart Product Management
Product managers develop new products based on research and customer needs. Learn how to excel in your career in product management with these seven skills.
A Beginner's Guide to the Operational CRM
Operational CRM is the process an organization uses to ensure customers are happy and well taken care of. Learn how operational CRM can work in your business.
Does Social Media Have a Role in Project Management?
Social media helps project management by connecting people on the team and making it easier for them to communicate. Here are the benefits of using social media.
Increase Your Email Captures: A Guide for Small Businesses
Is collecting emails a waste of time? Studies show that millennials prefer to be contacted by email. Here are six ways to capture emails and increase conversions.
6 Strategies to Increase Your Newsletter Sign-Ups
Email newsletters can help you engage with your customers, build branding, and boost sales. Increase your newsletter sign-ups with these six strategies.
BIM 360 vs. PlanGrid: Which Is Best for Your Business?
BIM 360 and PlanGrid are construction management solutions that connect project teams and data in real time. Here we compare their features, pricing, and more.
How to Use the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Model
The plan-do-check-act (PDCA) model is a four-step approach to continually improving processes for resolving problems. Learn how to implement it in your business.
A Guide to Construction Risk Management
Good risk management of your construction project helps avoid delays and budget overruns. Learn how to create a risk management plan in just five steps.
A Beginner's Guide to Construction Asset Management
Good construction asset management keeps a project on schedule and helps avoid potential problems. Here's how to manage your construction assets efficiently.
Construction Planning and Scheduling: A Beginner's Guide
You should dedicate ample time to planning and scheduling a construction project. Here are three goals to aim for when planning your next construction project.
A Beginner's Guide to Improving Construction Workflow
Companies use construction workflows to carry out a range of tasks and assign them to the right people. Here are five types of workflows you can implement today.
A Beginner's Guide to Construction Resource Management
Construction resource management helps you deliver projects with low profit margins on time and in budget. Learn how to better manage your project resources.
6 Strategies to Improve the Customer Experience
If building a successful business is your goal, you'll need to deliver the best customer experience. Here are six strategies that'll give your business an edge.
A Guide to Phone Etiquette: The 9 Essential Rules
Providing customers with the best possible experience includes good phone etiquette. Here are nine essential rules to follow when you're on the phone with customers.
7 Unique Customer Needs and How to Address Them
Understanding your customers' needs and wants is the key to running a successful business. Here we list seven types of customer needs to boost profits.
Why Is Inventory Management Important for Your Small Business?
Good inventory management ensures that your business is operating at optimal efficiency. Here are some quick tips that will help you optimize your inventory.
How to Electronically Sign a PDF
Businesses often require electronic signatures on important documents in the form of a PDF. Here's what an electronic signature is and how to use one to sign a PDF.
How to Create an Electronic Signature
Electronic signatures allow you to sign documents quickly and easily with one click. Here's how to create them so you can start using them in your business.
4 Consequences Small Businesses Face by Reopening Too Quickly After COVID
So, your business has been closed due to COVID. Should you reopen now? Here are some of the consequences your business could face if you reopen too soon.
How to Prepare Your Business for a COVID Closure
With new COVID cases on the rise again, states are issuing new orders to restrict some business operations. Here are five tips to prepare your business for another closure.
Why You Should Use Aggregate Planning in Your Small Business
Aggregate planning helps you operate at peak efficiency by adjusting capacity as demand rises and falls. Here's how to implement it in your business.
What Is a Program Manager?
A program manager oversees multiple interconnected projects, ensuring they align with company strategy. Here's what a successful program manager looks like.
COVID-19: 5 Signs Your Business Isn't Ready to Reopen
With no end in sight for the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are looking for ways to reopen safely. Here are five signs your business isn't ready to reopen.
5 Signs Your Business Is Ready to Reopen After COVID-19
As a result of COVID-19, small businesses have had to shutdown operations for an extended amount of time. Here are the signs your business is ready to reopen safely.
What Is a Digital Signature and How Does It Work?
Businesses keep important, sensitive documents secure by using digital signatures. In this guide, we explain what a digital signature is and when to use one.
Business Process Improvement: A Step-by-Step Guide
Your company's success is determined by how well you manage your business processes. Here are the six steps for successful business process improvement.
What Is an S-Curve in Project Management?
S-curves help managers keep projects on track and mitigate problems. This guide explains what an S-curve is and how it helps you monitor project progress.
How to Use Excel for Project Management
Looking for a low-cost solution for project management? Excel might be an option. The Blueprint explains when you should use Excel for project management.
How to Become a Construction Manager
Pursuing a career in construction management can be rewarding and challenging. In this guide, The Blueprint outlines how to become a construction manager.
How to Create a Construction Schedule in 9 Steps
Learn to avoid project delays and budget overruns with a detailed construction schedule. The Blueprint outlines how to craft the perfect construction schedule.
A Guide to Retainage in Construction
What is retainage, and how can it affect your construction business? The Blueprint explores how retainage works within construction management.
A Guide to Construction Document Management
Construction managers deal with a lot of paperwork, making document management critical. The Blueprint covers six construction document management tips.
How to Create a Construction Daily Log in 9 Steps
A construction daily report details the activities that took place on a job site. The Blueprint outlines how to create your own construction daily report.
Buildertrend vs. Procore: Which Is Better?
Buildertrend and Procore are two full-featured construction management platforms. This guide compares the two to help you decide which best fits your business.
Procore vs. PlanGrid: Which Is Better?
Procore and PlanGrid are two construction management solutions with different focuses. The Blueprint compares them so you can decide the best fit for you.
A Small Business Guide to Construction Management
The construction management process varies depending on the construction project type. The Blueprint covers construction management tips and best practices.
Sage 300 Construction Review
Sage 300 Construction is a powerful construction management software with a high price tag. The Blueprint takes an in-depth look at the software in this review.
Raken Review
Raken is a project tracking and reporting platform to help managers monitor the job site. See what Raken's construction software offers in this complete review.
RedTeam Review
RedTeam is an easy to use construction management platform that handles all aspects of construction. The Blueprint covers RedTeam's features in this review.
PlanGrid Review
PlanGrid is a construction management platform dedicated to managing blueprints and documents. The Blueprint covers PlanGrid's best features in this review.
CoConstruct Review
CoConstruct is a feature rich platform for home builders and handles all aspects of a project. The Blueprint covers CoConstruct's best features in this review.
BIM 360 Review
BIM 360 is a robust architecture and engineering platform designed for construction projects. The Blueprint covers BIM 360's best features in this review.
The 8 Best Airtable Alternatives for Project Management
Airtable is a great project management software, but you may want to look at some other options. The Blueprint covers Airtable alternatives for your business.
7 Types of Work Schedules for Small Businesses
Selecting a work schedule can have big ramifications for your business, so you must choose wisely. The Blueprint goes through different types of work schedules.
The Role of Project Management Within Small Businesses
Project management has a role in every business, no matter the size. The Blueprint shows you how to maximize the benefit you get when you managing projects.
Procore Review
Procore is a feature-heavy construction management platform that can manage multiple projects. The Blueprint covers Procore's best features in this review.
Buildertrend Review
Buildertrend is the construction management platform that manages all aspects of a your business. The Blueprint looks at Buildertrend's features in this review.
How to Create an Employee Attendance Policy
An employee attendance policy is essential to keeping a good relationship with the company. The Blueprint shows you how to create an attendance policy.
How to Create the Ultimate Work Plan
You need a well-thought out work plan to ensure that your project succeeds. The Blueprint goes through step-by-step on how to create the perfect work plan.
3 Social Media Strategies to Use for Your Real Estate Business
Many real estate professionals struggle with social media and focus on other types of marketing. The Blueprint goes through social media strategies for realtors.
A Guide to Successful Time Blocking
Time blocking allows you to increase your productivity by focusing on one task. The Blueprint goes through how to effectively time block.
A Small Business Guide to Operational Planning
The operational plan helps you outline the organization's long-term vision. The Blueprint goes through how to create an operational plan for your business.
Freshworks CRM Review
Freshworks CRM is CRM software that caters to businesses of all sizes. The Blueprint breaks down Freshworks CRM features and pricing in this review.
The Ultimate Guide to Project Initiation
The project initiation phase helps define the project scope and goals. The Blueprint goes through the steps to follow for successful project initiation.
Zendesk Sell Review
Zendesk Sell makes managing a sales team simple, and it offers a variety of reporting tools. The Blueprint covers Zendesk Sell's best features in this review.
7 Email Design Best Practices for Your Business Newsletter
Creating email newsletters that get customers in the door can be a challenge. The Blueprint gives you some tips for implementing email design best practices.
How to Use Email Retargeting: A Guide
Email retargeting can help you capture customers that visited your site by remarketing. The Blueprint shows you how to create an email retargeting campaign.
How to Run an Email Marketing Campaign for Your Small Business
An email marketing campaign is an integral part of a small business marketing strategy. The Blueprint goes through how to run an email marketing campaign.
7 Email Newsletter Best Practices for Small Businesses
Small business email marketing can help bring you a steady flow of customers. The Blueprint goes through the best practices for creating an effective newsletter.
A Small Business Guide to Stakeholder Analysis
An important part of a project is to make sure all the stakeholders are satisfied. The Blueprint goes through how to conduct a stakeholder analysis.
6 Strategies for Effective Team Management
Managing a team requires good leadership skills and the ability to complete projects efficiently. The Blueprint goes through steps to effective team management.
A Small Business Guide to Program Management
Program managers keep an eye on long term results and deal with complex programs. The Blueprint goes through the steps to develop a program management plan.
5 Steps to Conducting a Exit Interview
An exit interview can provide vital insights about your company to help improve its operation. The Blueprint gives you steps to conduct an exit interview.
How to Calculate Your Employee Turnover Rate
The employee turnover rate will tell you a lot about the health of your business. The Blueprint shows you how to calculate the employee turnover rate.
How to Create a Professional Development Plan
An employee development plan is vital to a motivated and productive workforce. The Blueprint explains how to create an employee development plan.
The 5 Top Customer Engagement Software Options for Small Businesses
Customer engagement software helps small businesses perform critical tasks and increase profits. The Blueprint looks at the top tools for customer engagement.
A Guide to the Organizational Structure Types for Businesses
How your organization is structured is critical to your success. The Blueprint helps you choose one of four organizational structure types to achieve your goal.
What is an HR Business Partner?
An HR business partner can mold a long-term HR strategy that helps an organization achieve its goals. The Blueprint explains what is an HR business partner.
The Top 5 Complaint Management Software Solutions for Your Business
Complaints are important opportunities for your business. These 5 complaint management software options will help you effectively respond to complaints.
The Top 5 Cleaning Business Software Options for Your Small Business
Running a cleaning business is challenging and choosing the right cleaning business software can be difficult. The Blueprint simplifies the process for you.
The 6 Best Dispatch Software Options for Your Small Business
Dispatching is a challenging aspect of any field service management business. The Blueprint breaks down how 6 software options can help you.
How You Can Generate Sales Leads for Your Small Business
Generating sales leads is vital to the success of any business. The Blueprint shares a few ways you can increase leads to boost sales.
The 5 Best HVAC Software Options for Your Small Business
HVAC field service companies are challenging to run, and you need good software to do it. The Blueprint shares the best HVAC software options.
The Top 10 Prospecting Tools for Your Small Business Sales
Prospecting is the all-important first step in the sales process. The Blueprint shares the best software solutions to help you excel at prospecting.
8 of the Best Sales Metrics for Your Small Business to Track
If you want to boost sales and spot weak areas to improve, you need to be tracking these vital sales metrics. The Blueprint takes an in-depth look at this.
Top 5 Special Software Deals for SMBs Facing COVID-19 Challenges
Some software companies are offering special deals in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. Here are the five best we've been able to find.
ServiceTitan Review
ServiceTitan is a highly customized and feature-rich field service management platform. The Blueprint takes an in-depth look at this.
SMB Disaster Preparedness: Calculating Your Cash Burn Rate
Cash burn rate refers to how quickly your company is spending its cash reserves. The Blueprint shares a guide to help prepare your small business for disasters like COVID-19.
Top 6 Recruitment Marketing Strategies
Getting your organization to the next level is all about recruiting top talent. The Blueprint looks at what to include in a recruitment marketing campaign.
How to Use BANT in Your Sales Process
BANT is a tried-and-true method of qualifying prospects in the sales process. The Blueprint breaks these steps down.
TSheets Review
TSheets is powerful browser-based time clock software that creates audit trails for payroll and also has reporting tools. The Blueprint takes an in-depth look.
Federal Resources to Aid Local Small- and Mid-Sized Businesses
The coronavirus pandemic is causing financial difficulties for small businesses. The Blueprint shares ways that can help you navigate this difficult situation.
A Guide for Technician Scheduling: 6 Tools & Tips
Technician scheduling is a complex process that helps managers increase revenue and lower costs. The Blueprint shares a few tips to help you do it effectively.
A Beginner's Guide to Performance Management
Performance management is a tricky process even for experienced HR teams. The Blueprint takes an in-depth look at how to set up this type of plan.
A Guide to Creating an Employee Development Plan for Your Business
Human resources professionals can increase worker productivity and job satisfaction with an employee development plan. The Blueprint shows you how with a simple step-by-step guide.
A Guide to Effective Website Management
If you're a small business owner lost in the world of website management, The Blueprint will take you step-by-step through the process of running a website.
5 Best Blogging Platforms for Your Business
Blogs are a great way to bring in organic traffic to your website. To help get you started, The Blueprint compiled the five best blogging platforms for small businesses.
The 7 Best Pest Control Software Options
Running a pest control company means having to deal with unique challenges. The Blueprint provides the best pest control software options for your industry.
6 Ideas for Marketing Your Construction Company
Construction marketing is essential to drive brand awareness. The Blueprint provides six construction marketing ideas to help you effectively market your company.
What is Field Service Management?
Field service management is all about making sure your technicians are timely and have the expertise to handle customer needs out in the field.
7 Strategies for Marketing Yourself
Want to build a personal brand but not sure how to market yourself? Use these seven proven strategies to build your reputation and promote yourself online.
Housecall Pro Review
Housecall Pro is a simple but powerful cloud-based software option for field service managers. The Blueprint reviews Housecall Pro so you can decide if it's right for you.
How to Maximize Each Stage of the Business Life Cycle
All entrepreneurs should understand the business life cycle stages to know where they stand and how to get to the next stage of business growth.
How to Use Performance Measures to Improve Your Organization
Evaluating the performance of your organization is vital to achieving your goals. The Blueprint's guide to performance measures will help you choose the right method.
5 Best Work Order Software Options
The Blueprint provides reviews and the pricing of the top five work order software options to help you streamline your business's field service operations.
How Does Payroll Work? Best Practices and Tools
Making sure you know how to run payroll is a crucial part of being a business owner. The Blueprint's guide will answer your payroll process questions.
How to Determine Your Team's Marketing Objectives
Clear and actionable marketing objectives are vital for any organization. The Blueprint's guide will help you strategically craft marketing goals.
How Your Team Can Define Project Scope
Project scope is vital to success as it defines goals and assesses what resources are needed. This simple guide will help you define your project scope.
How to Write an Effective Networking Email
A networking email helps keep yourself fresh in the mind of someone you just met. Learn how to write effective networking emails to build strong relationships.
7 Real Estate Lead Generation Tactics
Finding real estate leads requires unique considerations that are different from other industries. Use these seven strategies to help you attract more prospects.
5 Best Organization Apps for Staying Productive
Staying organized is key to productivity, but oftentimes our task lists overwhelm us. These five best organization apps will help you stay focused on your to-do list.
How to Utilize Direct Response Marketing for Your Business
Direct response marketing can create a solid revenue stream for your company. However, you need to understand a few things about this marketing method before launching a campaign.
How to Implement Workforce Planning
Workforce planning is vital to organizational success because it evaluates how to strategically hire to reach company objectives. This guide will help you set up a workforce plan.
What is Salesforce? A Beginner’s Guide
What is Salesforce, you ask? Learn why Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM software tools on the market, thanks to its strong features and dashboards.
A Beginner's Guide to Writing a Positioning Statement
A positioning statement is vital to defining your business niche. Learn how to create a positioning statement to attract the right clients for your business.
How to Create an Integrated Marketing Strategy
In the digital age, businesses coordinate marketing efforts in order to compete. Learn how to create an integrated marketing strategy to maximize marketing effectiveness.
The Four Steps of the Marketing Process
A good marketing process is vital to the success of any company. This guide provides the steps and tactics to create a successful marketing process for your small business.
6 Core Marketing Strategies for Law Firms
Marketing a law firm presents a unique challenge given the type of services offered. Learn how to execute a law firm marketing strategy that gets results.
A Beginner's Guide to Sales Automation
By choosing the right CRM software tool with sales automation features, you can improve sales team efficiency and start scaling your sales operations.
Capsule CRM Review
While lacking more advanced features, Capsule CRM is perfect for small teams on a budget. The Blueprint reviews this CRM tool so you can decide if it's right for you.
Best 8 Sales Tips for New Sales Reps
If you're just starting sales, it's always good to review the basics. These sales tips will help jumpstart your process and put you on the road to sales success.
The 10 Best Salesforce CRM Alternatives for Your Small Business
Salesforce is excellent CRM software, but you may need a specific feature to better meet your needs. If you're weighing your options, here are the top 10 Salesforce alternatives.
The Best 8 Real Estate CRMs for Managing Customers & Clients
Real estate agents have specific needs when it comes to a CRM platform. These top real estate CRM tools help you organize customers and clients to develop long-term relationships.
HubSpot CRM vs. Zoho CRM: A Close Call
Stuck deciding between two great pieces of CRM software? The Blueprint compares HubSpot vs. Zoho CRM so you can decide which is best for your business.
Pipedrive vs. Salesforce: Price, Features, and Benefits
Trying to decide between Pipedrive vs. Salesforce? The Blueprint compares these software tools to help you decide which is best choice for your business.
How to Set Up Your Sales Dashboard
A sales dashboard reports critical data on your team's leads, pipeline, and revenue. Make sure you effectively set up your sales dashboard to maximize success.
Zoho vs. Salesforce: A Tight Race
Need a breakdown comparing Zoho vs. Salesforce CRM? The Blueprint reviews their benefits and drawbacks to help you decide which is the best for your business.
Top 10 Sales Tracking Software Tools
Tracking sales offers vital insights into your sales pipeline. Choose from these top ten sales tracking software tools so you can improve your sales process.
The 11 Best Contact Management Software Solutions
Businesses should leverage contact management software to maximize their sales team's efficiency. The Blueprint looks at tools to help you manage your contacts.
Top HubSpot CRM Competitors Your Small Business Can Use
HubSpot CRM is a great tool, but it might not be a fit for your business. If you’re looking for alternatives, here are some of HubSpot’s top competitors and how they compare.
Insightly vs. Zoho CRM: A Comparison of Unique Benefits
Comparing Insightly vs. Zoho creates an interesting matchup between two cloud-based CRMs. The Blueprint reviews their features and benefits so you can choose the best one.
HubSpot vs. Salesforce: Which Is Right for You?
The Blueprint provides an in-depth comparison of HubSpot vs. Salesforce by breaking down some of their key features to help you choose the best software for your business.
5 Strategies for B2B Lead Generation
B2B lead generation is a challenging yet vital task for any sales team. Take advantage of these strategies to increase the number of leads in your sales funnel.
A Beginner's Guide to Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
Growing organizations can use project portfolio management (PPM) to prioritize and allocate time and resources. Learn how in The Blueprint's guide to PPM.
Sales and Marketing: Which Strategy Should You Use?
Sales and marketing both focus on increasing customers for a product and service with distinct strategies. The two methods have key differences that could impact your business.
Redtail CRM Review
Redtail CRM is designed to put everything a salesperson needs with a simple web-based dashboard. The Blueprint provides an in-depth review of this CRM tool.
The Top 9 Salesforce CRM Competitors
Salesforce is an amazing CRM software, but it might not be right for your business. Here are the top Salesforce CRM competitors for your company.
SugarCRM vs. Salesforce CRM: Which Is Best for You?
To help you decide between using SugarCRM vs. Salesforce for your business, we've compared features, benefits, and drawbacks of these CRM software options.
5 Steps to Follow for Successful Client Management
Client management is essential for companies looking to grow their business. The Blueprint looks at how to effectively manage clients in order to grow sales.
The Top 8 Project Management Skills Every PM Should Have
The success or failure of a project hinges on the project manager’s skill set. The Blueprint reviews 8 vital project management skills to succeed at the job.
Sales Analytics to Track for Business Success
If you're looking to boost revenue, The Blueprint breaks down the best sales analytics to track for increased efficiency in the sales process.
How Business Intelligence (BI) Can Help Your Business
Business intelligence (BI) is critical to companies wanting to understand their industry. The Blueprint looks at the impact BI analysis can have on your business.
4 Key Steps to Filling and Executing Your Sales Pipeline
To meet sales quotes, you need to fill your sales pipeline and move customers to a close. The BluePrint outlines steps to develop an effective sales pipeline.
15 Impactful Sales Techniques and How to Use Them
Salespeople can use strategic sales techniques to improve their conversion rates. The Blueprint breaks down these sales tactics to help you close more sales.
How to Master the 7 Steps of the Sales Cycle
Move your customers through the steps of the sales cycle to improve your conversion rate. The Blueprint takes a look at how you can master the sales cycle.
How to Create Your Own Sales Process
A salesperson hoping to improve their performance must implement the sales process effectively. The Blueprint guides you through creating your own sales process.
What is Inside Sales and How Can it Help Your Company?
Inside sales offers opportunities for companies to slash overhead costs without paying the price in lost sales. The Blueprint breaks down what you need to know about inside sales.
8 Key Marketing Metrics to Grow Your Business
After every marketing campaign, analyze the metrics to learn how you can improve future campaigns. Here's a list of the best metrics your business should track.
How to Create Your Own Sales Pitch (with Examples!)
If you work in sales, you understand the importance a well structured sales pitch. Learn how to create your own compelling sales pitch and start closing sales.
How to Close a Sale: 10 Strategies for Success
If you're business is struggling to close sales, it might be time to get some help. Here are nine techniques that will help you successfully close the sale.