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Jimmy Rodela

Jimmy Rodela is a seasoned freelance writer and content marketer with over 8 years of experience, with work appearing on sites such as Business.com, Yahoo, SEMRush, and SearchEnginePeople. He specializes in digital marketing, small business strategy, marketing automation, and content development.

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The customer discovery process helps your business get a deeper understanding of your customers. Here's how it can help with your customer acquisition strategy.
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Customer equity is the value your existing and future customers will generate for your business. Here are three strategies to help you improve customer equity.
A Beginner’s Guide to Your Customer Effort Score
The customer effort score is a metric to measure the customer’s experience with a company’s product. Here are three ways to increase your customer effort score.
7 Tips for Increasing Your Company’s Customer Focus
Emphasizing your company's customer focus will strengthen marketing, customer support, and sales campaigns. Here are seven ways to enhance your customer focus.
A Beginner’s Guide to Email Lockers
An email locker allows you to capture your prospect's email address before giving them access to your content. Here are five strategies to get more subscribers.
A Small Business Guide to Fostering the Customer Journey
The customer journey reflects the interactions your business has with your customers. Here's how to set up a customer journey to enhance the overall experience.
How to Turn Detractors Into Promoters of Your Business
Detractors are consumers that have purchased your products and are not happy with them. Here are three ways to turn detractors into your business promoters.
A Beginner’s Guide to Display Advertising
Display advertising can come in forms like plain text, images, animated, and video. Learn which type of display advertising will work best for your business.
10 Ways to Show Your Customers Appreciation During the Holidays
Reaching out to customers during the holidays with a special message can help build relationships. Here are some tips that your customer will appreciate.
A Small Business Guide to Smart Shopping
Smart Shopping can create your product listings and display ads automatically throughout the Google network. Here are four tips to optimize your campaigns.
5 Ways to Offer Personalized Customer Service (With Examples)
Leverage your customer's data to offer a unique and memorable experience. Use these five helpful tips to offer a more personalized customer service experience.
Soft Bounce vs. Hard Bounce Email: What’s the Difference?
Hard bounce emails keep you from reaching customers and can damage your sender reputation. Here are three best practices on how to handle hard bounce emails.
Improve Your Email Deliverability With an Email Spam Checker
An email spam checker can scan and flag your emails as spam prior to reaching their destination. Here are three tips for improving email deliverability.
What Is an E-Commerce Site?
An e-commerce site is an online storefront that allows you to sell things online. Learn how an e-commerce site works and the three basic components needed.
Web Accessibility Basics: Why Your Website Needs to Be ADA Compliant
The web content accessibility guidelines are suggestions to make web content ADA compliant. Here are three best practices to achieve ADA website compliance.
Maximize Your Email Marketing ROI With These Best Practices
Make sure your email marketing campaigns are working by calculating your ROI. Here are three reasons why you want to use the email marketing ROI formula.
Proven Ways for Small Businesses to Build Customer Loyalty
Focusing on customer loyalty will pave the way for a lifelong customer base for your business. Here are three benefits of creating a customer loyalty program.
3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Customer Portal
A customer portal gives your customers access to resources, support, and live chat. Learn how to set up a customer portal for your website in five steps.
Tried and Tested Ways Technology Can Improve Your Customer Service
Using technology to deliver customer service can improve customer satisfaction. Learn how to improve your customer service technology with these four tips.
A Beginner’s Guide to Website Accessibility
If your site is not accessible for people with disabilities, they will find it difficult to navigate. Follow these methods to ensure your website is accessible.
How to Create a No-Show Policy That Works
For whatever reason, patients sometimes unavoidably don't show up for their appointments. Learn how to get patients to show up with an effective no-show policy.
How to Effectively Use Email Marketing for the Holiday Season
The holiday season is the best time to launch targeted and effective email marketing campaigns to boost sales. Here are six holiday email marketing strategies.
How to Market Your Product or Service as a Gift
Holiday shoppers prefer to shop for gifts online so it makes sense to market your product as a gift. Here are six strategies to promote your product as a gift.
How to Use the Google Calendar Scheduling Tool
Google Calendar is a robust scheduling tool that can manage your upcoming team meetings with efficiency. Learn how to use the Google Calendar scheduling tool.
Square Online Store Review
Square Online Store is an affordable website builder that allows you to manage everything from one place. We've reviewed Square Online Store's best features.
Improve Patient Scheduling With These 9 Tips
Effective patient scheduling can improve daily tasks such as creating appointments and scheduling follow-ups. Here are nine tips for scheduling patients.
10 Strategies for Effective Team Scheduling
Effective team scheduling can boost the morale of your employees and affect how your business runs. Here are 10 techniques for successful team scheduling.
A Beginner’s Guide to Payment Processing
Payment processing is a third-party service that processes, verifies, and accepts credit card transactions. Here are five ways to process customer payments.
8 Best Magento Commerce Alternatives
Magento is a popular choice for e-commerce brands, but it may not be a good solution for you. Here we look at the best Magento alternatives for your business.
A Small Business Guide to the Online Marketplace
Amazon and Ebay are great places for e-commerce businesses to sell because of their massive audience. Use these four strategies when selling on online marketplaces.
How to Create a Brand Development Strategy for Your Small Business
Branding is crucial in generating sales and it can handicap your business if you're not branding effectively. Learn how to create a brand development strategy.
A Guide to Creating Your Confirmation Emails (With Examples)
It's important to respond to customers by sending them a confirmation email so they know their transaction went through. Here's what to include in these emails.
6 Best Buffer Alternatives
Buffer is the most popular social media management platform in the market. But if it's not the right fit for you, check out these top Buffer alternatives.
6 Marketing Automation Best Practices
Setting up a marketing automation system can help you save time from doing menial marketing tasks. Here are six best practices to integrate into your business.
A Beginner's Guide to Product Sourcing
A good product sourcing strategy will help you find quality products at prices that generate meaningful profit margins. Here are 7 ways to source your products.
A Beginner's Guide to the B2B E-Commerce Model
The B2B e-commerce business model refers to companies that buy and sell products to other companies via online channels. Here are the benefits of selling B2B.
What Is a Click-and-Mortar Business Model? Is It Right for You?
The click-and-mortar business model integrates your physical and online shop processes. The Blueprint explains how to merge these operations to increase revenue.
Here's Why Email Marketing Is Still Important
Email marketing is not dead. It's crucial to your small business content strategy. Here's why it's important to add email marketing to your marketing mix.
How to Create an Impactful Marketing Automation Strategy
Streamline your marketing campaigns by creating an impactful marketing automation strategy. Here we detail six strategies you can implement in your business.
How to Create an Email Marketing Plan That Works
Creating a well thought-out email marketing plan will generate engagement and conversions. Learn how to create a high-performing plan with these key tips.
7 Ways to Improve Your Email Deliverability and Reach More Inboxes
Getting better results from your email marketing campaigns is a real challenge. Here are seven tips to improve your email deliverability and reach more inboxes.
How to Build a Customer Care Plan for Your Small Business
Businesses that invest in customer care will always prosper; that's why it's important to listen to your customers. Learn how to build an effective customer care plan.
Customer Appreciation Day: 8 Ways to Thank Your Customers
Start celebrating Customer Appreciation Day to improve the customer service experience. Here are 8 creative ways to show gratitude and gain consumer loyalty.
How to Use Email Popups to Boost Your Website Conversions
Email popups are designed to generate leads by capturing the email addresses of website visitors. Here are five strategies to boost your conversion rates.
Guerrilla Marketing: An In-Depth Guide for Small Businesses
Guerrilla marketing is a great way to increase brand awareness in non-traditional ways. Here are three types of marketing tactics and a few real-life examples.
10 Engaging Newsletter Ideas to Grow Your Small Business
Converting subscribers to customers takes some work, but our newsletter ideas can help you get there faster. Here are 10 examples to generate more business.
How to Use Email Automation in Your Small Business
Leverage email automation for your small business to increase your revenue, improve customer retention, and maximize team efficiency.
10 Smart Email Segmentation Ideas for Small Businesses
Improve your email marketing campaigns with smart email segmentation. Here are 10 email segmentation ideas to help you improve your small business marketing.
A Beginner’s Guide to Customer Self-Service
Giving customer self-service options allows you to improve your customers' brand experience. Here are six ways to add customer self-service to your business.
Should Your Business Utilize Double Opt-In Emails?
Learn to build a healthy email marketing list using double opt-in emails. In this guide, The Blueprint covers the benefits and how double opt-in emails work.
8 Professional Email Signature Examples to Inspire You
Not sure how to sign your business emails? Consider these tips and examples for creating a professional email signature that makes a good impression.
A Guide to Permission-Based Email Marketing
Use opt-in email marketing to grow your email list and boost your customer base. The Blueprint outlines the benefits of permission-based email marketing.
How Empathy Enhances Your Customer Service
Empathy is key to delivering better customer service and improving customer satisfaction. The Blueprint explains how to express empathy in customer service.
Twitter Best Practices for Small Businesses
Generate more website traffic and revenue using Twitter's social media platform. Use these Twitter best practices to help grow your small business.
A Small Business Guide to E-Commerce Fulfillment
Complete more customer orders by establishing an optimized e-commerce fulfillment system. The Blueprint walks you through the e-commerce fulfillment process.
38 Email Subject Lines to Inspire You (Tips + Tricks)
It takes creativity to write compelling email subject lines that improve your open rates. Get noticed with these tips and catchy examples from The Blueprint.
How to Avoid Email Blacklists
If your business is on an email blacklist, it could hinder your marketing opportunities. The Blueprint shows you how to avoid email blacklists in this guide.
23 Welcome Email Subject Lines for Your New Subscribers
A good welcome email subject line will help you stand out in your readers' inboxes. Increase your open rate with these subject line examples from The Blueprint.
8 Amazing Newsletter Examples to Inspire Your Small Business
Improve your email marketing campaigns from brands with amazing newsletters. The Blueprint goes through eight examples of amazing email newsletters.
10 Abandoned Cart Emails to Take Inspiration From
Creating abandoned cart emails is a must for e-commerce companies to retain customers. The Blueprint goes through examples of abandoned cart emails.
How to Optimize Your Marketing Workflow
Marketing workflows allow you to accomplish your marketing goals. The Blueprint covers how to create a marketing workflow to help you with your projects.
How to Create a Return Policy for Your Business
A return policy can foster better customer relationships and facilitate business growth. The Blueprint goes through how to write a return policy.
Wix vs. GoDaddy: Which E-commerce Platform Is Better?
In this Wix vs. GoDaddy eCommerce comparison, The Blueprint dives into both e-commerce platforms to help you decide which is better for your business.
10 Skills Every Marketer Needs to Have
In order for your business to succeed you need great marketing skills. The Blueprint covers 10 marketing skills that are essential for your business.
Tried and Tested Marketing Tips For Your Small Business
Creating a successful small business requires good marketing skills. The Blueprint goes through some marketing tips that you can use to help you succeed.
7 Reliable E-Commerce Strategies for Your Small Business
Running an online store can be lucrative with the right e-commerce strategy. The Blueprint goes through e-commerce strategies for your business.
20 Must-Know Marketing Terms for Small Business Owners
Understanding the basic marketing terms provides a good foundation to learn online marketing. The Blueprint defines these essential marketing terms.
The 6 Most Important Digital Marketing Analytics for Your Small Business
Gathering data from multiple channels will help you understand consumer behavior better. The Blueprint covers important digital marketing analytics.
A Guide to Digital Advertising for Small Businesses
The goal of digital advertising is to generate interest in your product to entice customers to buy. The Blueprint goes through how to start digital advertising.
Your 6-Step Engagement Marketing Guide
Engagement marketing is one of the best marketing methods to boost sales. The Blueprint goes through steps on how to tackle engagement marketing.
How to Price a Product: A Small Business Guide
Pricing your products is an important factor to achieve maximum business profitability. The Blueprint goes through how to determine the price of a product.
How to Market a Product Online
Using the internet to market a product line can do wonders for your small business. The Blueprint shows you how to market a product online.
Your All-Encompassing Guide to Procurement Management for Small Businesses
Learning the fundamentals of procurement management helps project managers carry out procurement activities. The Blueprint gives you some easy steps to follow.
Your All-Encompassing Guide to Creating a Videographer Website
You can create and run your videographer website in no time. The Blueprint goes through some easy to follow steps to get your videographer website running.
Your Complete Guide to Proof of Concept
Before project teams can build new business solutions, they should have a proof of concept. The Blueprint helps you create a compelling proof of concept.
Your All-Encompassing Guide to Project Quality Management
Project quality management can help you run projects smoothly. In this guide, The Blueprint takes an in-depth look at this
Customer Engagement: An Easy-to-Understand Guide for Business Owners
Your customer engagement strategy can make or break your business. In this guide, The Blueprint explains how to run a successful customer engagement strategy.
E-Commerce Marketing: Why It's Important to Your Small Business
E-commerce marketing strategies can make or break your online business. The Blueprint covers several e-commerce marketing methods to help grow your business.