Product Categories


Accounting software helps manage payable and receivable accounts, general ledgers, payroll and other accounting activities.

Applicant Tracking

Choosing the best applicant tracking system is crucial to having a smooth recruitment process that saves you time and money. Find out what you need to look for in an applicant tracking system.

Appointment Scheduling

Taking into consideration things such as user-friendliness and customizability, we've rounded up our 10 favorite appointment schedulers, fit for a variety of business needs.

Business Checking Accounts

Business checking accounts are an essential tool for managing company funds, but finding the right one can be a little daunting, especially with new options cropping up all the time.


A content management system (CMS) software allows you to publish content, create a user-friendly web experience, and manage your audience lifecycle.

Construction Management

This guide will help you find some of the best construction software platforms out there, and provide everything you need to know about which solutions are best suited for your business.


CRM software helps businesses manage, track, and improve all aspects of their customer relationships. It includes a very wide variety of applications focused on sales, marketing and customer service.

Customer Service

Rather than managing internal staff issues, customer service software helps you manage and provide solutions to your consumer base.

Document Management

Taking content and document management from the physical world to the digital is a necessity. Choose the right solution, and your organization can make the digital leap quickly and easily.


The right e-commerce platform can make or break your online business. We've reviewed and ranked our top e-commerce tools so you can find one that works perfectly for your digital business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing software helps automate and streamline email communications with prospective and existing customers. It helps create and send email campaigns and measure and track their success.

Endpoint Security

The best endpoint security software stops cybercriminals from stealing your data and wreaking havoc on IT systems. Find peace of mind with these endpoint security solutions.


Electronic signature software streamlines form signing and accelerates the speed of business. Consider these top offerings to find a fit that works best for your company.

Expense Reporting

Today, with OCR technology, automated expense report creation, and sometimes immediate employee reimbursements, expense management software is no longer a luxury — it’s a necessity.

Field Service Management

Trying to manage multiple technicians in the field is a challenge. Field service management software can help you stay on top of all the elements of your job.

Human Resources

If you're looking for the right HR solution for your business, we've put together a list of the top HR software to help you make an informed choice that will benefit your company.

Identity Management

Vulnerability to hackers increases every time new devices or weak passwords are used. The Blueprint will help you make the best choice for your small business based on features, support, and price.

Inventory Management

There are tons of factors that go into choosing the best inventory management system for your business, and there are tons of systems on the market. The Blueprint helps you find the right platform.

IT Management

Whether your IT team is handling server updates or dealing with website glitches, IT management software will help provide a structure for completing these tasks and measuring their effectiveness.

Learning Management System

Create exciting courses, practice critical skills, educate your partners and customers, and maybe even monetize all that tribal knowledge you've been amassing. The right LMS makes it easy.

Marketing Automation

Unlock newfound capabilities and boost your growth with a marketing automation platform. It’s critical that you analyze multiple systems to find what’s best for you now and in the future.

Password Management

The best password managers are more than one-trick ponies because they also have robust password generators, sync your information across multiple devices, and provide proactive security tools.


Payroll software helps companies manage payroll and benefits processing. It includes tools to organize employee payment information, track vacation time, and assist with employee onboarding.

Point of Sale

Selecting the right POS system is integral in running the sales of your new business effectively. The Blueprint looks at the best point of sale systems.

Project Management

Project management software helps companies improve collaboration, manage resources and budgets, schedule, forecast, document and track all of their short- and long-term collaborative projects.


Whichever retail management software you choose needs to be adequate for the size and type of industry you work in. Find out what you need to look for in a retail management solution.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Successful SEOs are wizards, and their magic wand is in their toolbox. You will surely find the tools you need in one of these software solutions.

Social Media

Small businesses need social media marketing tools that will simplify managing social media accounts. The Blueprint helps you find the right one for you.


In the market for tax software for your small business? You came to the right place. The Blueprint reviews the top tax software applications to find out which one is right for you.

Time Clock

Time clock software helps manage everything related to employee scheduling, from tracking time worked, employee availability and legal compliance to managing shifts, time off requests and labor costs.

Video Conferencing

Choosing the right video conferencing software is more important than ever before. Read on and discover reviews of six of the best video conferencing platforms to help you decide which one is best.

Web Hosting

Choosing the right web hosting company for your business can be challenging. The Blueprint has put together a comprehensive list of web hosting services to help you narrow down your search.