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James Royal

James Royal


Jim is a special-situations investor focusing on transactional events (such as spinoffs, recapitalizations, or reorganizations, among others) that create advantageous stock mispricings.

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What Is a Blue Chip Stock?

Here's everything you need to know about the stocks that make up the Dow, including how they perform and how you can invest in them.

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Are Bonds Safer Than Stocks?

In certain scenarios, bonds are actually riskier than stocks. Here's how to keep your stable investments steady, while not sacrificing the growth stocks have to offer.

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Common Stock vs. Preferred Stock: What's the Difference?

How they differ, and which one is right for you.

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What Is a Contingent Value Right?

This special kind of security is highly speculative and very rare.

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Stock Spinoff Roundup: Frontdoor, KLX Energy Services, Madison Square Garden

Investors should keep their eyes on these three spinoffs.

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3 Things Investors Should Know About This ServiceMaster Spinoff

Frontdoor has a lot to like for investors, especially its capital-light model.

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Is Annaly Capital a Buy?

Investors can time their buys to minimize their downside, enjoy the dividend, and maybe even catch an upswing in the stock price.


Is Vornado Realty Trust Still Cheap?

The New York REIT definitely appears cheap, but where are the buyers?

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3 REITs to Buy Today

W.P. Carey, Annaly Capital, and Spirit Realty are relatively inexpensive and pay attractive dividends.

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Will This IRS Spinoff Rule Help Pharma and Big Tech?

A proposed IRS change will help get spinoffs out of the nest sooner.

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Yum! Brands Is Now At an All-Time High -- Time to Sell?

Why sell a stock that’s running higher while the business is performing well?

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Stock Spinoff Roundup: Honeywell, ServiceMaster, VF Corp.

Investors should keep their eyes on these three spinoffs.

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This REIT Is Under Activist Attack

NorthStar Realty Europe is feeling the heat from Senvest.

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Sirius XM Just Got Cheap -- But Here’s an Even Cheaper Way to Own It

Sirius XM can be had for even lower cost via this tracking stock.

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This Tiny REIT Could Deliver Big Returns

Jernigan Capital has a lot going for it, but a couple things are holding it back for now.

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3 Things Investors Need to Know About Honeywell’s Spinoff

Transportation systems business Garrett Technologies could turbocharge your gains, but there are a few things you need to know.

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Starbucks' Expansion in China Is No Cup of Tea

The coffee purveyor has a long road ahead of it, but it looks up to the task.


Safe 6% Yield and Upside Make This Under-the-Radar Stock a Buy

Spirit Realty has been left in the dumpster, but there's still upside.

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Could WideOpenWest Stock Double From Here?

This small cable company is starting to get its act together

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3 Reasons to Love Charter Communications

It's a great time to be a Charter shareholder.