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Alex Dumortier

Alex Dumortier


Alex Dumortier covers daily market activity from a contrarian, value-oriented perspective.

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Here's One Way Tesla Isn't Like Amazon: CEO Pay

There's one comparison to Amazon that isn't flattering to electric car manufacturer Tesla, and it concerns the compensation of their chief executive officers.


Tesla: The Vanishing Sentence That Could Be Worth Billions

Did Tesla alter its accounting for its major profit engine?

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The Next Big Berkshire Hathaway Acquisition Is Hiding in Plain Sight

Look beyond the headlines and you'll find that this distressed utility has the hallmarks of a spectacular Warren Buffett "coup."

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Is Chewy a Potential Long-Term Investment? Put It to the "Moat Test"

Chewy's commitment to delighting its customers makes this pet e-tailer a rare breed and gives it a competitive advantage.

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3 Under-the-Radar Stories in the Stock Market This Week

Amazon's user experience isn't all that, lessons from the history of the handheld calculator business, and why business-to-business technology firms don't get the credit they deserve.

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Slack Technologies: It's Not Too Late to Buy the Stock at a Discount

The stock is up sharply from its $26 reference price, but there's still an opportunity to buy the shares at less than their intrinsic value.

Xi'an Ancient City Wall and Moat China Shaanxi

A Question of Moat: Should You Participate in Slack Technologies' Public Offering?

This smart filter is the basis of a five-minute analysis to determine whether investors should consider buying shares in Slack Technologies' public offering.

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The 8 Best "Mungerisms" from Berkshire Hathaway's 2019 Annual Meeting

Investors, pundits, and journalists often quote Warren Buffett, but quotes from Berkshire vice-chairman Charlie Munger are equally instructive.

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Lyft's IPO: the One Article You Need to Read

A customer-based analysis suggests ride-sharing company Lyft will be profitable -- but will it be profitable enough to justify the $24.3 billion valuation it looks set to achieve?

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Better Buy: Bitcoin Investment Trust vs. T-bills

One is a linchpin of the global financial system, the other represents a bet that the system is ripe for a revolution. Which is the better buy between the Bitcoin Investment Trust and U.S. Treasury bills?

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8 Fascinating Reads

Good reads, short quotes.

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Near An All-Time Low, Is Deutsche Bank a Buy?

In the wake of yet another scandal, shares of beleaguered Deutsche Bank hit a multi-decade low. As the German lender tries to correct the mistakes of a failed ambition to take on Wall Street's finest, we revisit the question: Is Deutsche Bank a Buy?

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3 Under-the-Radar Stories in the Stock Market This Week

With the Dow having just recorded its worst week since the financial crisis, shares of this iconic American company can be bought at a discount to fair value.

GETTY IMAGES A hand completing the drawing of a balancing scale in which the word 'Value' outweighs the word 'Price'

3 Under-the-Radar Stories in the Stock Market Last Week

For whatever reasons, investors don't seem to be giving these promising companies their due.

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Where Will Bitcoin Investment Trust Be in 5 Years?

Bitcoin Investment Trust is an open-end fund that tracks the performance of bitcoin. That performance has been disastrous in 2018, which begs the question "hodlers" everywhere are asking: Where will Bitcoin Investment Trust be in 5 years?

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3 Under-the-Radar Stories in the Stock Market Last Week

This week we look at under-reported stories concerning three of the world's most valuable and most visible companies, and we pay tribute to one of the world's wealthiest investors, whose deal-making and investing acumen was matched only by his discretion.

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Forget Snap: Facebook Is a Better Growth Stock

Analysts who expect Snap's revenues to grow much faster than Facebook's are underestimating the vast chasm between their competitive positions.

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10 Years On: 9 Bizarre Facts You Forgot About Lehman Brothers' Bankruptcy

The investment bank's failure is a reminder of some of the dysfunctions in the financial and regulatory apparatus that brought the world to the edge of the abyss -- and of dysfunctions that still exist today.

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Is Berkshire Hathaway Inc. a Buy?

Warren Buffett just wrapped Berkshire Hathaway Inc.'s annual meeting. At their current price, are the shares of one of the greatest wealth-creation vehicles in the history of capitalism a buy?

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The "No-Moat" Filter: Should You Buy Into Dropbox, Inc.'s IPO?

This powerful filter, which focuses on competitive advantage -- or the lack of one -- is the basis of a five-minute analysis to determine whether investors should buy shares in Dropbox's initial public offering.