Alex Dumortier

Alex Dumortier


Alex Dumortier covers daily market activity from a contrarian, value-oriented perspective.

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Lyft's IPO: the One Article You Need to Read

A customer-based analysis suggests ride-sharing company Lyft will be profitable -- but will it be profitable enough to justify the $24.3 billion valuation it looks set to achieve?

Better Buy: Bitcoin Investment Trust vs. T-bills

One is a linchpin of the global financial system, the other represents a bet that the system is ripe for a revolution. Which is the better buy between the Bitcoin Investment Trust and U.S. Treasury bills?

Near An All-Time Low, Is Deutsche Bank a Buy?

In the wake of yet another scandal, shares of beleaguered Deutsche Bank hit a multi-decade low. As the German lender tries to correct the mistakes of a failed ambition to take on Wall Street's finest, we revisit the question: Is Deutsche Bank a Buy?

Where Will Bitcoin Investment Trust Be in 5 Years?

Bitcoin Investment Trust is an open-end fund that tracks the performance of bitcoin. That performance has been disastrous in 2018, which begs the question "hodlers" everywhere are asking: Where will Bitcoin Investment Trust be in 5 years?

3 Under-the-Radar Stories in the Stock Market Last Week

This week we look at under-reported stories concerning three of the world's most valuable and most visible companies, and we pay tribute to one of the world's wealthiest investors, whose deal-making and investing acumen was matched only by his discretion.

Is Berkshire Hathaway Inc. a Buy?

Warren Buffett just wrapped Berkshire Hathaway Inc.'s annual meeting. At their current price, are the shares of one of the greatest wealth-creation vehicles in the history of capitalism a buy?

Why I Won't Buy Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies certainly aren't money, but they've become pure vehicles for speculation -- which is a loser's game.