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Frank DiPietro

Frank DiPietro


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Netflix Smartphone

Mobile Viewing Is an Opportunity for Netflix

Use of smartphones to watch Netflix may give the company an even faster way to accelerate its subscriber growth.


5 Things to Watch for When Zillow Reports Earnings

This quarter's earnings report may help shed some light on the company's numbers and programs that could affect the stock.

confused man question wondering thinking

Understanding Altaba: Why Its Holdings Are Discounted by 30%

If management can find a tax loophole, investors could make a lot of money.

WWE Network Summer Slam

WWE's Results Show Its Strategy Is Working

Live events, cable TV, and WWE Network online are all in the mix pushing the WWE’s revenue to an all-time quarterly high.

Ambarella vision detection

Ambarella Has Lots of Cash

Ambarella's balance sheet shows strength.


Why iRobot Corporation Will Clean Up for Investors

This small company is making big waves and proving that its business may be about more than just cleaning floors.

Cyber Crime

Splunk: A Great Stock to Defend Against Ransomware

Recent ransomware attacks against European companies, schools, and hospitals garnered quite a few headlines. Ransomware is no longer just aimed at consumers, entire organizations must take action.

Twitter Bird on Blue Background

Twitter Is the Poster Child of Shareholder Dilution

This company issues employee stock options that are off the charts. Here is what investors need to know.

Redfin Sign in Front of Home

Redfin vs. Zillow: Which Will Be the Better Stock?

Both companies are in the real estate business. Which is a better investment?

Online dating Tinder Getty 7.26.17

Here's What to Look for When Tinder Parent Match Group Reports Earnings

Tinder is on fire. Will investors be liking what they see and swiping right when Match Group reports earnings?


Can Pandora Media Help Drive Foot Traffic Back to Stores?

Brick-and-mortar retailers are looking for ways to attract shoppers -- this streaming music service may have the answer.

McCormick Frenchs Franks Red Hot Cattlemans1

Hot Dog! McCormick Is Buying French's Mustard & Frank's RedHot Sauce

McCormick just spent $4.2 billion to become the No. 1 condiment company in America. Here is a look at the deal that McCormick management could not refuse.

McCormick Good Morning Products1

McCormick's New Products Are About to Wake Up America

McCormick is about to enter the world of breakfast food. Untapped potential growth awaits this highly innovative company.

Yandex Taxi

Yandex.Taxi Is Just One Example of the Sprawling Empire Yandex Is Building in Russia

Russia plus the internet equals Yandex -- here is how the company has taken over the taxi industry.


Amazon and the Strange Case of the Zillow Stock Selloff

Recently Zillow’s stock took a tumble only to rebound a few days later. Many may be surprised to learn the reason why.

Pandora for Brands Harmonicas1

4 Things to Watch for When Pandora Reports Earnings

This is Pandora's first earnings report after making a deal with Sirius XM. Investors want to know where the company is headed.

Yandex jobs Wall

Yandex NV: The Russian Search Engine Takes a Bite Out of Google

The company has seen its stock double in the past two years, and now that it has settled its differences with Google, the future looks even brighter.

ethereum virtual money getty 7.13.17

Is NVIDIA a Pick-and-Shovel Play on Ethereum?

NVIDIA has been one hot stock lately. And now people are taking notice of its connection to the latest cryptocurrency.

frustrated man in front of stock chart going down crash losses

Keep Tootsie Roll Out of Your Diet, as Well as Your Portfolio

Stay clear of Tootsie Roll, as it trades at one scary valuation.

tax concept colorful dice

Where in the World Is Ambarella?

This semiconductor company’s corporate headquarters are in the United States. Most of its employees, business, and tax domiciles are not. Surprise, Ambarella is not a U.S. company.

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