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Open kitchen in a new home

3 Benefits of Buying a New Construction Home

Nov 08, 2019

There are plenty of pre-owned homes on the market, but here’s why it pays to buy new.

couple looking at real estate

New Report: What Really Wins Out in the Buy vs. Rent Debate

Nov 04, 2019

A new report sheds light on the buy vs. rent debate -- and where Americans fall in the dilemma. Here’s what you need to know as an investor.

charts showing a downturn

Is a Recession Coming? What the Market Is Telling Us

Oct 30, 2019

Recessions are inevitable. Learn how to prepare for the next one.

House with a pool

Should You Add a Pool to Your Home?

Oct 30, 2019

A pool can be a great feature for your home, but is it worth it?

Recession graphic

New Data: A Recession Is Coming, but Real Estate Should Be Fine (Especially If You Follow These Tips)

Oct 30, 2019

New data shows most Americans think a recession is on the way. Will your real estate investments be affected by this? Not with these tips!

finished basement

4 Reasons to Finish Your Basement

Oct 28, 2019

There are plenty of good reasons to make your underground space livable.

neighborhood homes

Owning a Home Can Make You Happier

Oct 26, 2019

A new report shows that most homeowners would never go back to renting.

family moving into a home

9 Traps First-Time Homebuyers Fall Into -- and How to Avoid Them

Oct 25, 2019

Steering clear of these mistakes will spare you an unwanted dose of buyer’s remorse.

Chicago Skyline

Home Prices Rise Nationally, But Some High-Cost Markets Show Promising Trends

Oct 19, 2019

Some high-cost cities are even seeing home price declines, giving eager investors much-needed relief.

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How to Buy a House Remotely

Oct 18, 2019

You can close on a house remotely, but make sure you find the right real estate agent to guide you through the process.

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Understanding Real Estate Cycles to Find Profitable Investments in Any Market

Oct 13, 2019

Do you know how to find profitable real estate investments regardless of the real estate cycle? There is always an opportunity, it’s simply a matter of understanding what investment opportunities lie in the current market.