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tiny apartment

Are Micro Units the Future of Housing?

Feb 20, 2020

Micro units may be the answer to affordable housing we've been looking for.

woman moving

Relocating for Work? Here's Why it Pays to Rent First

Feb 19, 2020

Though owning property has its benefits, when you're new to an area, and there for job purposes, it pays to wait before buying.

window treatments

Surprise: These 5 Things May Not Come With Your New-Construction Home

Feb 19, 2020

Buying new construction often means having to pay for finishing touches yourself.

Drill and home improvement tools

3 Home Improvements I Later Regretted

Feb 19, 2020

These decisions weren’t the smartest in the long run.

new home construction.jpg

Want to Buy a New-Construction Home? Here are 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Feb 19, 2020

If you’re going to buy a brand new home, make sure you’re not glossing over key details that could cost you money.

Open kitchen in a new home

3 Benefits of Buying a New-Construction Home

Feb 19, 2020

There are plenty of pre-owned homes on the market, but here’s why it pays to buy new.


7 Smaller Towns Worth Your Investment Dollars

Feb 19, 2020

Big cities aren't your only option for investing in real estate. Check out these seven smaller towns that might be worth your investment dollars this year.

Mixed-use urban multi-family residential district area development

NAR Policy Forum: Changing Public Policy to Increase Private Development

Feb 17, 2020

Finding affordable housing is an issue that affects many people; public incentives for private capital may be one answer.

three generations in a family

Will Your Next Home Have Room for an Aging Parent?

Feb 17, 2020

A look at one of the biggest, toughest, most financially fraught questions that many millennials and Gen Xers face. Do you know your options?

coworking office

Coworking in 2020

Feb 17, 2020

In spite of a cliff-dive of a 2019 for its erstwhile unicorn frontrunner, experts see a bright future for coworking thanks to strategies like niching down, going local, and forming strategic partnerships.

house under construction

Is Your Home Builder-Grade?

Feb 16, 2020

It may be less expensive, but there's a downside to going the builder-grade route.