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3 Home Renovation Projects That Make for a Good Workout

Jun 04, 2020 by Maurie Backman

These days, a lot of people are stuck at home due to COVID-19, and that poses a concern not just from a mental health perspective but from a physical health perspective, too. With gyms being closed and boredom escalating, a lot of people are turning to their pantries and fridges -- and are gaining weight in the process.

In fact, in a recent WedMD poll, nearly half of female respondents and one-quarter of male respondents admitted they've already put on pounds due to COVID-19-related restrictions.

If you're looking for a way to shed some weight during this period of lockdown, or you're simply interested in burning some extra calories while being productive, the solution could boil down to home renovations. By improving your home in the next number of weeks, you stand to do more than just add value -- you stand to burn calories and get into fabulous shape in time for summer. Here are a few specific projects to tackle.

1. Improve your landscaping

Now that the weather's consistently warm in most parts of the country, you have a solid opportunity to improve your home's landscaping. That could involve re-mulching your trees, planting flowers, cleaning up shrubs, and even adding aesthetic features like a stone walkway or retaining wall. The best part? Hauling the materials you'll need around and digging for hours is apt to force a serious sweat, which is a good thing if you're looking for a workout.

2. Repaint

Though painting walls isn't particularly difficult, it's a great way to keep moving for hours at a time and work your arm muscles. You can look at repainting rooms whose walls are stained or fading, or you can try experimenting with some new shades that give your interior more character. For example, you might choose to replace your dining room's beige walls with a bolder red or maroon. Similarly, you might tone down a louder wall (say, the hot pink in your child's bedroom) with a more neutral shade.

But it's not just your interior you can repaint. If you have a fence that needs to be freshened up, give it a new coat of paint. And if you have a wooden deck, look at painting it if you haven't done so in a while.

3. Replace flooring

If your flooring is scratched and warped, there may come a point when replacing it makes more sense than sinking money into repairs. And if you're willing to do that work yourself, the act of lifting floorboards and hauling them in and out of your house is enough to burn a decent number of calories.

But be careful

While home improvements can serve as a surprising and welcome workout, you must take steps to avoid injury. If you're doing a repetitive task like weeding or painting, stop to stretch every so often. And if you're lifting heavy flooring materials, make sure to do so carefully to avoid pulling your back out or straining a muscle. The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself in the course of renovating, and if you wind up bedridden due to an injury, you'll run the risk of putting on more pounds, thereby negating your efforts.

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