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Gas vs. Electric Stove -- Which Is Better?

Jun 27, 2020 by Barbara Zito
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If you're cooking up a full kitchen renovation, appliances are likely going to be a sizable part of the budget. When shopping for a stove, it often comes down to the gas versus electric debate.

According to, electric stoves can run you anywhere from $350 to $1,700, while gas stoves cost between $300 and $2,200. So aside from the high-end models, electric and gas stoves tend to run neck and neck as far as cost.

Let's take a look at the other ways electric and gas stoves stack up against each other.

Best stove for home chefs: Gas

Most people who like to cook will say that a gas range is the only way to go. While there's nothing wrong with an electric stove for basic meal preparation, the ability to control the flame is key for cooking. So if you are doing a kitchen renovation for a single-family home, gas is the better bet for your stove.

Best stove for apartment rentals: Electric

For apartments and other multi-resident homes where gas line hookups might be tricky, an electric stove is the better option not only for convenience but for safety.

Best stove for overall budget: Gas

As already mentioned, unless you choose a deluxe model, there's not going to be a huge difference in buying a gas or electric stove. The real impact on budget comes into play with the utility bill. In general, gas is cheaper than electric, so over time, a gas stove will pay off with lower energy costs.

Best stove for safety: Electric

Hands down, an electric stove is the safer of the two options. While burns are still possible, there is no open flame on an electric stove as there is on a gas range. Also, there's no risk of a gas leak and the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning. This is why electric stoves are the better option for apartment buildings.

Best stove for easy cleanup: Electric

It's easy to make a mess of the stovetop when preparing a meal. An electric stovetop is easy to clean up (after it's cooled down, of course) with some soap and water after a spill, whereas a gas range can be more cumbersome to clean around the grates and burners.

Which stove is the winner?

It would seem that an electric stove has a slight edge in the big kitchen debate, but it really comes down to the type of residence. An electric stove is ideal for multifamily residences, but for single-family homes -- and for homebuyers with a culinary bent -- gas is likely the better option.

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