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Real Estate Investing Articles

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Is Life Storage a Buy?

Aug 10, 2020

Self-storage isn't immune to the effects of the coronavirus. See how Life Storage has been impacted and if it's a buy right now.

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Google Is Keeping Employees Home Until the Summer of 2021. What Does That Mean for Commercial Real Estate Investors?

Aug 10, 2020

When companies like Google act, others tend to follow. In this case, that could be bad news for commercial real estate.

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Real Estate vs. Stocks: Which Has Better Historical Returns?

Aug 10, 2020

Real estate has produced impressive returns for investors, but how does it compare to the stock market?

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3 Top REIT ETFs to Buy

Aug 10, 2020

Here’s how to add REITs to your portfolio without researching individual companies to invest in.

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How to Keep Records for Your Real Estate Business

Aug 10, 2020

Save hours at crunch time by keeping files handy and organized.

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Real Estate 101: Know the Legal Costs of a Real Estate Deal

Aug 10, 2020

Know what to expect and who to call when evaluating an investment property.

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Should I Expand My Home or Buy a Larger One? Weighing the Benefits of Remodeling Versus Buying New

Aug 10, 2020

It’s a tough call. Here are the factors you’ll need to weigh in your decision.

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How Will Trump's Executive Order on Federal Unemployment Benefits Impact Real Estate Investors and Landlords?

Aug 10, 2020

The president is seeking to extend boosted unemployment, which could impact real estate investors in a very meaningful way.

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Half of Renters Are Trying to Renegotiate Their Rents: How Should You Handle It?

Aug 10, 2020

Renters have hit hard times. Here's what to do if yours try to renegotiate their monthly rent.

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Buying the House Next Door -- Is This Celebrity Trend Right for You?

Aug 09, 2020

Buying the house next door is a favorite pastime of celebrities. Is it the right choice for you?


Looking to Buy in Manhattan? Here's Why Now's the Time

Aug 09, 2020

Now's a good time to snatch up real estate in the Big Apple.