Welcome back to Baby Breakerdom! This week we find Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) buying its way into China, a possible threat to eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) overseas, and a Carl Sagan-sized buyout fund.

China, China, China. When will we stop hearing about China? How about never? In the wake of Baidu's (NASDAQ:BIDU) surreal public offering two weeks ago, Intel made three new investments in the region this week: Chipsbrand Microelectronics, which, like Rule Breaker Universe (available with a free trial) member ARM Holdings (NASDAQ:ARMHY), designs chips but doesn't manufacture them; Onewave Technologies, which is enabling Internet-based TV; and foundry VeriSilicon Holdings. Placements were made using the $200 million China technology fund that Intel established in June.

Also in China, SmartPay, a lookalike to eBay unit PayPal, raised $7.8 million in its opening round of funding. New York-based RRE Ventures told researcher VentureWire that it led the round because China is woefully behind other regions in formal payment systems, especially online.

How about a bit of irony to round things out? Usually I'm here talking about smallish investments that have the potential to be huge. But there are times when news is just too big to ignore. Literally. On Monday, Warburg Pincus announced that it has closed its largest-ever fund at $8 billion. Yeah, that's $8 billion. Warburg will focus on buyouts as well as start-up investments. Naturally, the buyouts will account for a bigger piece of the pie. Yet there will always be Rule Breaking needles to be found in haystacks like this. For example, Warburg was the original investor in application server pioneer and former Breaker BEA Systems (NASDAQ:BEAS).

Finally, here is your week in Baby Breaker public offerings:

  • Island-themed restaurateur Kona Grill (NASDAQ:KONA) went public Tuesday at $13 per share. As of this writing, it's down to $12.40 per stub. Need more flavor? Check fellow Fool Rick Aristotle Munarriz's take.

Yep, that's it. Don't get discouraged. Rule Breakers aren't supposed to be on every corner. But more are out there. See you back here next week, when we continue the search.

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