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The Boring Portfolio purchased 100 shares of Carlisle Companies (NYSE:CSL) at an average price of $51 5/8 on August 12, 1996. The graph above reflects CSL's performance in relation to Boring's purchase point.


08/13/96 - Buy Report

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The seventeenth Boring trade was made on August 13, 1996, when the Borefolio bought 100 shares of CARLISLE COMPANIES, INC. (NYSE: CSL). Carlisle Companies, Inc. was incorporated in 1986 as a holding company for Carlisle Corp., whose operations began in 1917, and its wholly-owned subsidiaries. The company manufactures and distributes rubber, plastic, and metal industrial products, classified into three broad segments: construction, transportation, and general industry. The shares were purchased at $52 3/8. For the full rationale for the purchase, please consult the buy report, which can be found in the Carlisle collection in the Boring Portfolio listbox.

Bought  100  CSL    $52 3/8  $27.49  $5264.99