News Corp.'s (NYSE:NWS) cancellation of both the publication of O.J. Simpson's If I Did It book and the related Fox TV special was a victory for common sense -- even if it took a universal outcry to prod chairman Rupert Murdoch into the decision. Also interesting to us are some stories floating around the Internet that the act of pulling O.J.'s book off the shelves might put a dent in holiday book sales.

Leaving aside the issue of the appropriateness of this book as a gift ("Nothing says 'Merry Christmas' like O.J. talking murder!"), we at The Motley Fool have several ideas for replacement material to fill those empty shelves at Borders (NYSE:BGP), Barnes & Noble (NYSE:BKS), and (NASDAQ:AMZN). Agents, contact your star clients!

Top 10 Other Celebrity Book Titles
10. If We Had Beaten the Market, This Is How We Would Have Done It, by the Beardstown Ladies

9. To Fend Off Outrageous Lawsuits for Make Glorious Profit for Me, by Borat

8. If I Faked My Death and Retired to Argentina, Here's How I Would Have Done It, by Kenneth Lay

7. I Spend My Nights on a Pile of Your Money, by George Lucas

6. How to Handle Hecklers and Kill Your Career the "Kramer Way," by Michael Richards

5. Our Totally Normal Marriage, Which Is Not Weird or Creepy in Any Way Whatsoever, by Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

4. 101 Catchphrases to Stardom, by Jim "Booyah" Cramer and Donald "You're Fired" Trump

3. How to Make a Fortune Without Doing Any Work, by YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen (foreword by Raiders receiver Randy Moss)

2. The Elusive Search for a Conscience, by Rupert Murdoch

1. I Got a Record Deal and Half of Britney's Fortune, and YOU call ME a Loser?, by Kevin Federline

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