David Einhorn shorting Lehman Brothers in 2007. Steve Eisman's dead-on call on the subprime mortgage collapse.

When someone with a proven track record goes against popular opinion, it's usually worth a second glance. Which is exactly what happened last week, when the top players in CAPS started shorting a few very popular shipping companies. In any community there are always contrarian individuals, and the 170,000-member-strong CAPS community is no exception -- but last week saw a 250% increase in bearish calls by the best pickers, while the rest of the community stayed bullish.

It has been a rough time for the shipping industry, as it continues to suffer from a glut of ships and weaker-than-expected demand for Asian commodities. Adding to the recent pain, Korea Line, formerly the second-largest dry-bulk shipping line, went into receivership last month, sending tremors through the market, and signaling what one Fool has called a crisis. Despite the sectorwide pain, the top CAPS players focused on just six companies:


CAPS Rating 
(out of 5)

Increase in Bearish All-Stars

Genco Shipping & Trading Limited (NYSE: GNK)



Euroseas Ltd. (Nasdaq: ESEA)    



Eagle Bulk Shipping (Nasdaq: EGLE)



TBS International Limited (Nasdaq: TBSI)



Diana Shipping, (NYSE: DSX)



Excel Maritime Carriers Ltd. (NYSE: EXM)



So what does it mean when the community rates a stock highly, and yet top players are still going short? It looks like the CAPS All-Stars think these companies may have further to fall.

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