Investors are feeling bullish about Toro (NYSE:TTC) today, after the maker of outdoor lawn maintenance equipment raised its guidance for the recently concluded April quarter. The company is apparently moving quite a few lawn mowers, irrigation systems, and assorted turf-care products. It's now expecting to report profits of $1.28 to $1.33 a share later this month. It had originally expected to earn no more than $1.20 a share.

On a projected revenue range between $625 million to $630 million, this is where it really gets good; the company expects to grow earnings by roughly 30% over last year's showing, while the top line is looking to rise by about 15%.

Improving margins -- which have gone from 5.5% three years ago to better than 9% for its new fiscal second quarter targets -- are obviously a great sign. The fact that Toro is growing its earnings at a healthier clip than its sales makes the spunky stock a legitimate growth stock candidate.

While an investor can pick up shares of Toro's larger and more diversified rivals, such as Deere (NYSE:DE) or Caterpillar (NYSE:CAT), at cheaper sales and earnings multiples, Toro is the nimble one worth watching.

While the company claimed that poor weather held back its residential segment -- which amounts to just a third of its business anyway -- it just goes to show how the upward surprise would have been even greater if the skies were just a little bit sunnier.

Then again, with the stock trading as much as 10% higher earlier today, one can argue that shareholders have all the sunshine they need.

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