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A tall drink of water
Like country singer Billy Ray Cyrus's music, Phillip Morris International is a stock that everyone hates to admit they like. Investors just don't want to acknowledge they get an achy-breaky heart for a cigarette manufacturer.

Despite being a pariah here in the U.S., smoking is ascendant around the world, particularly in emerging markets, where Phillip Morris saw strong revenue growth in the first quarter of 2009. Latin America and Canada grew 28% over the year-ago period, excluding currency fluctuations, while Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa saw 6% growth.

However, overall first-quarter sales were off 5.5%, and profit was down 12%, largely because of the volatility of the dollar. As order is restored to economies around the globe, currency stability will enable the cigarette maker to remain a smooth draw, fending off inroads from lower-priced-cigarette makers such as British American Tobacco (NYSE:BTI). Absent the dollar's drama, sales actually rose 6.3%, and earnings per share jumped 12.7% from the year-ago period.

Compare that to Altria (NYSE:MO) and its domestic profit declines, and there's more than one parallel here to Billy Ray Cyrus: Both have offspring that are faring better on the world stage.

Even if you don't smoke, there's no reason you shouldn't enjoy the healthy dividend and growth potential that foreign markets hold for the cigarette maker. CAPS member jigar34 thinks Philip Morris' cash-generating capabilities will ensure that this one doesn't go up in smoke:

Like my other pick [Diageo], I like this one for the great brands it holds and its high dividend yield (5.7%). [Philip Morris] generates a lot of cash and the growth prospects are robust, expecially as the emerging markets turn to brand name smokes. The debt level makes me uneasy, but as long as the sales (and thus cashflow) are there, I expect debt payment and even potential for dividend increases and share repurchases.

Gather 'round
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