The headlines aren't pretty these days. Between sniper attacks and the rumblings of war, if you're thinking twice before wishing your loved ones goodnight or looking over your shoulder as you pull into a gas station, you're not alone.

The stock market, of course, is not immune to the world around it. But while you've seen a good deal of money pour into defense contractors, such as Northrop Grumman(NYSE: NOC) and Lockheed Martin(NYSE: LMT), over the past year, little has been said about the couch-potato stocks.

In many ways, the trend of folks staying at home hasn't had the same impact in all sectors. Think more people have pizza delivered to their door? Not quite. Last week, Papa John's(Nasdaq: PZZA) warned it would produce slightly negative comps this year. Guessing that folks are rushing to get wired with Internet connections to soak it all in within their four walls? Well, Earthlink(Nasdaq: ELNK) and AOL Time Warner's(NYSE: AOL) America Online division have seen better days in terms of subscriber growth.

However, online transactions are on the rise -- though it's hard to pick out how much of those gains are a direct result of consumers clamoring for in-home safety and convenience. Analysts expect Amazon(Nasdaq: AMZN) to grow its top line from $3.1 billion to $3.7 billion this year. Direct mail DVD specialist Netflix(Nasdaq: NFLX) has seen its subscriber count more than double over the past year.

But the couch-potato plays are offline, too. Assuming we want beer and chips as we ease into our trusty Barcaloungers, Anheuser-Busch(NYSE: BUD) and Frito-Lay parent PepsiCo(NYSE: PEP) have upped profit projections in recent weeks. Video and DVD rentals are also flourishing, with Blockbuster(NYSE: BBI) and Hollywood Entertainment(Nasdaq: HLYW) reporting brisk business. Just last week, the former reported it will produce impressive double-digit comps through the end of next year.

So, yes, home is indeed where the heart is. And for now, at least, it's also where you'll find the pocketbook.