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New Math for a New Economy
Jan/Feb 2000, Fast Company

What's wrong with the 500-year-old way in which all companies keep their books? Just about everything, says Baruch Lev, who has proposed a new method for determining the value of the intangible assets that are at the heart of the new economy.
When Motley Fool Speaks, (Some) People Listen
December 28, 1999,
The Internet has become such a central part of both the U.S. economy and the American cultural landscape that it's easy to imagine that a real convergence between the offline and online worlds has happened, particularly when it comes to the media world. But the truth seems to be that for a lot of the offline press, and for much of Wall Street, what happens on the Internet is still either something of a mystery or, almost by definition, too sketchy to take seriously.

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