A potential Rule Breaker plops down at the poker table, snatches five cards from the top of the deck, and announces to everyone that it holds a wildcard. New rules apply in this game. As an investor in Rule Breakers, I make a side bet that the Rule Breaker will walk away with the dough.

At first, other players ignore the Rule Breaker. They've been playing this game of poker for a long time. They've won a lot of hands, they've made the rules. And they've never seen or needed this newfangled-wildcard-thing the Rule Breaker is talking about.

(Heck, they can hardly see this so-called "Rule Breaker" kid behind the pile of chips and cigar smoke in front of them.)

After a few cards are played, some other folks start circling around the Rule Breaker and betting on it too. "Did you see his hand," we say to each other. "He has a wildcard!" (A couple of observers also astutely notice that the Rule Breaker not only has a wildcard, but also made it appear.)

Some other folks around the table overhear our conversation and start laughing. "A what? Wildcard? Silly Fools, wildcards have never been a part of this game before. So you can just kiss your money good-bye. The Rule Breaker will get run out of the game by the other big boys at the table."

"Wow, we say to each other. These other players dissed us. They don't seem to understand or care what a wildcard is." So we sit and watch the cards play out.

SURPRISE! The Rule Breaker wins the hand! Those of us who bet on the Rule Breaker slap each other on the back. "Double our money!" we shout. Some folks cash out, take their winnings and move on to other games. Others of us hang out to talk about the hand.

"Man, did you see that? The Rule Breaker made the wild card appear! I'll bet he can do it again and win the majority of the hands."

"But couldn't the other players do it too?" someone asks.

"Sure," comes the reply. "But they have to license the technique from our Rule Breaker. There is some really big risk here, but I'm betting that the Rule Breaker will start winning most of the hands. This could be the next big thing.�"

A couple of new folks hear our conversation and start placing their bets on the Rule Breaker, too; in fact, bets on the Rule Breaker start getting expensive. The situation creates some downright hostility around the table.

"YOU IDIOTS!" come the cries. "Why in the world are you betting so much money on that pip-squeak of a player? THIS IS INSANE! The other players have been at this game longer. They have great skill at poker. They have a mountain of chips here to run your little Rule Breaker out of the game. Wildcards won't keep working in this game, you just got lucky with that hand. And besides, our players can make one if they want one."

We respond. "Guys, you might be right. We might lose our money. We understand the risks. In any case, isn't it worth your time to at least learn about wildcards?"

Back and forth the arguments go. At the same time, the cards are dealt and game goes on�