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Whole Foods is Shaking up the Grocery Industry and has the Cash Flows to Continue

Whole Foods is the market leader in the natural and organic foods while Wal-Mart sells groceries along with everything else under the sun. Wal-Mart is not ignorant to Whole Foods' niche in the natural and organic food category. One company is more poised to take advantage of this craze and has the financial strength to do so.

A Look at Two Grocery Giants: Whole Foods and Wal-Mart

Here we have two grocers on different ends of the business life-cycle. One is in the hot natural foods segment stirring up the industry and paving way for a more health-conscious future, the other a behemoth offering seemingly unbeatable prices with a global footing.

2 Dividend-Paying Beer Stocks to Cure Your Investing Hangover

Anheuser-Busch and Molson Coors are two top players in the global alcoholic beverage industry that pay an appealing dividend. When investing for the long-term, dividends will make up a large portion of returns and should not be overlooked. However, not all dividends are treated equally and Foolish investors should pay closer attention before knocking back one too many.

Which Beer Stock Should You Guzzle Down for Your Portfolio?

Lets face it, the beer and alcoholic beverage industry is not going away anytime soon, and we at the Motley Fool hope it never does. The industry is known to be full of steady growers that are shareholder friendly in their dividend and buyback programs.