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Billy Duberstein


I love looking at the "story" behind investments from an interdisciplinary point of view, with an equal appetite for high-growth disruptors and beaten-down value names.

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While a few issues will likely keep me away, Palantir is gaining some serious momentum in 2020.


3 Red Flags in Palantir's Upcoming Direct Listing

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3 Discount Retailers to Buy Before the Next Recession

A lack of new stimulus could send the economy back down, but discount retailers have the business model to weather a tough economy.

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Why I Bought These 2 Tech Stocks Hand-Over-Fist in September

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3 Cash-Cow Stocks to Buy Ahead of the Next Market Crash

If the market crashes, you're going to a want a soft landing. That's why cash is king in these all-star stocks.

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Could Your Broker Cause the Next Market Sell-Off?

Interactive Brokers just made a move that could exacerbate election-year volatility.

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Don't Sweat the Prime Bike Snafu: These 2 Other Recent Amazon Announcements Are Much Bigger Deals

Amazon rose Tuesday after announcing a partnership with Echelon to make a Peloton competitor. But two other recent announcements could be much bigger deals.


Will This Activist Investor Try to Break Up Comcast?

There's a good case to be made.


Why I Disagree With These 2 Analysts and Am Sticking With Beyond Meat Stock

JPMorgan and CFRA downgraded Beyond Meat last week, but this Fool isn't selling.

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Carnival Cruises Sets Sail in September, but Is the Stock a Buy?

Carnival's Costa and AIDA brand cruises set sail, but the company is also raising more money, diluting shareholders. Does the good outweigh the bad?


3 Dividend Stocks You Can Safely Hold for Decades

A nice rising payout and long growth runways make these dividend growth stocks buy-and-forget stocks for any type of investor.

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Now We Know Who at Berkshire Invested in Snowflake, and Why

Meanwhile, even CEO Frank Slootman thinks the market's mania for the stock got out of hand last week.


Before You Buy Snowflake, Take a Look at These Cloud Software Companies

Here's how Snowflake compares with other software-as-a-service all-stars today.


AMC Networks Is Buying Back 20% of Its Stock. Should You Follow?

AMC Networks may be the cheapest stock in the market. But is it cheap for a reason?

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The 1999 Warren Buffett Quote That Should Terrify EV Investors

The market is getting excited about electric vehicles, but interested investors need to read this before diving in.


ViacomCBS Unveils Paramount+ Mega-Bundle and Other Big Moves

Don't look now, but this out-of-favor media stock is aggressively moving into the streaming era.


This Dirt-Cheap Grocery Stock Just Got a Sweet Deal on Its Own Shares

Discounted share buybacks and a single-digit P/E ratio mean value investors should put this stock on their watch lists.


9.1%-Yielding CenturyLink Changes Its Name to Lumen: What It Means for Investors

CenturyLink wants a break from its past. Will it work?


If You're Retired, Consider Buying These 3 Stocks

Solid, safe payouts with potential for long-term growth make the following three stocks perfect for retirees.