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As a Motley Fool Industrial Specialist, I use my marketing and business background in the automotive industry to evaluate major automakers and other large industrial corporations. Follow me on twitter for tweets about stocks, cars, sports, and anything I find amusing.

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Red Robin posts a wider-than-expected loss amid COVID-19 struggles.


Why Hertz Stock Is Plunging After Insane 896% Run Higher

Hertz stock plunges after analyst comment brings awareness to risky trading.

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Vroom Stock Races 115% Higher Tuesday

Vroom is well-positioned to thrive with its used-car online buying platform.


Why These Retailers Surged Monday

A number of positive economic developments sent retail stocks flying higher.


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Why These Beaten-Down Restaurant Stocks Are Surging

Surprising jobs news and optimism from another beaten-down sector has restaurant stocks rising Friday.


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Hertz stock has quadrupled since Wednesday. Is it time to jump in?


Why in the World Is Hertz Stock Soaring 130%?

Hertz stock is flying high, but this is why you should watch from the sidelines.


Why These Restaurant Stocks Jumped on Wednesday

Positive sales data from two restaurant chains drove the sector higher Wednesday.


Why Cheesecake Factory Sales Data Sent Restaurant Stocks Soaring

Shares of Red Robin, Cracker Barrel, BJ's Restaurants, and Brinker International are jumping on encouraging news from Cheesecake Factory.


As Hertz Fails, Avis' Stock Rises on Opportunity

Avis' stock continues to move higher after Hertz's bankruptcy.


Vroom Prepares for Its IPO: Will It Soar Like Carvana?

Could this be the next online car buying stock to soar 900%?


Why Gap Shares Jumped 8% on Tuesday

A recent analyst upgrade and intriguing economic data sent the retailer higher heading into its first-quarter earnings report.


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An analyst and hedge funds are jumping on board the Sysco bull train.


Why Carvana's Stock Is Driving 17% Higher Today

The used-car seller's online marketplace during the pandemic could keep lifting its price.

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Some May Auto Sales Show Early Signs of Recovery

Hyundai's U.S. May sales show a big improvement.


Why Camping World Jumped Nearly 12% Monday

Camping World appears well positioned as we reach peak camping season.


Why Chipotle Shares Jumped Monday

Chipotle received a vote of confidence from an an analyst who expects better same-store sales performance during the second quarter.


Why Coty Stock Soared 20% Monday Morning

Coty reaches a strategic agreement for its Wella business with KKR -- here's what you need to know.