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7 Key Points From Global Survey of Potential Electric Car Buyers

A global survey of prospective electric car buyers in 17 countries showed that buyers' expectations are largely unmet by most electric cars today. Only the Tesla Model S has sufficient range, but the price is too high for most who don't want to pay more than $30,000. But by 2015, models meeting range and price requirements will be available and the fast charging infrastructure in the US should be adequate.

7 Things to Know About Electric Vehicles

As recent advances make electric cars more attractive, some automakers are discounting the future importance of this market.

The Bull vs. Bear Case for LinkedIn

The key issue for investors is whether the company can continue to deliver outstanding returns over the long term.

The Bull vs. Bear Case for Netflix

With the stock price now around $100, some investors are hoping that Netflix can return to its former glory. Others believe Netflix is playing a losing hand.