Mike Steele

Mike Steele


Mike is a freelance writer for The Motley Fool. You can follow him on Twitter at @OtherMikeSteele.

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Rabbit Hunting With Warren Buffett

If you're waiting for Warren Buffett to fire his famed elephant gun and bring down another huge acquisition for Berkshire Hathaway, you're missing the small game growth story happening under the radar.

4 Positives From ITC's Conference Call

ITC Holding's third-quarter conference call revealed four key things for long-term investors: progress on major capital projects, a promise of double-digit growth, expectations for a rising dividend, and a surprising comment about the company's long-anticipated merger with Entergy.

Video Streaming Companies Fight to Win the Battle for Parents

Parents are a key group of subscribers for Internet video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon.com, and Hulu. Companies that attract and retain this low-churn demographic with ad-free children's programming have the best chance to win the long game to lead in the new entertainment marketplace.