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The 4 Basic Options Investments

The simple foundations of what can quickly become incredibly complex investments.

Oct.  and Nov. 2020 calendar

What's the Timeline for FDA Emergency Use Authorization of Coronavirus Vaccines?

A coronavirus vaccine could be available sooner than you might think.


Intel's Data Center Business Disappoints in Q3

The chip giant is experiencing weakness in the data center while rivals make inroads.

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7 Social Security Facts Every Retiree Must Know

Social Security benefits are a guaranteed income source for you in retirement. Make sure you know your options.

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3 Reasons You Shouldn't Invest Like Warren Buffett

You've got challenges, goals, and financial situations the Oracle of Omaha doesn't.


Verizon's 4.4% Dividend Yield Remains One of the Best in Tech

Third quarter earnings were decent, and the quarterly payout is still generous.

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American Airlines Earnings: More Bad News

The largest airline in the world is still burning a lot of cash and has way too much debt to manage.

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Polaris Industries Boat Business Will Make a Big Splash This Quarter

The pandemic has prompted a surge in small boat sales, and the powersports vehicle maker appears to have positioned itself well to benefit.


60% of Retirement Savers Who Made This Financial Decision Regret It

Short-term financial relief comes at a long-term cost.


Tesla Cybertruck: Better Than What Was Unveiled?

As if the Cybertruck's specs weren't already good enough, CEO Elon Musk says they may end up being even better.

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Here's How Couples Can Save for 2 Retirements on 1 Income

Even if only one of you is earning a paycheck, there's a way you can save for both of you.

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Where Things Stand in the Coronavirus Vaccine Race

Rolling submissions for leading coronavirus vaccines are already under way -- just not in the U.S.

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Love Dividends? 2 Stocks You Might Want to Buy

A fast food giant and a Canadian energy company look promising for dividend lovers.


Trump or Biden? 4 Reasons the Election Result Won't Change My Stock Portfolio

Why presidential elections are less important than they seem to be.

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More Macy's Stores May Be Dark for the Holidays, and That's a Good Thing

But the retailer isn't turning out the lights on a new growth opportunity.

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If These 3 Things Apply to You, a Roth IRA Is Your Best Bet

Knowing when you should choose a Roth IRA can limit the taxes you pay and help you make the most of your retirement accounts.

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3 Dividend Stocks Perfect for Retirees

These dividend stocks offer attractive yields backed by strong financial profiles.

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Netflix's Growth May Have Already Peaked

There's growing evidence that the video-streaming leader is close to saturating its biggest markets.

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Why Solar Stocks Are Crushing the Market in 2020

Big oil is being replaced by big solar in 2020.


Should You Wait to Buy Carnival Until a Coronavirus Vaccine Is Out?

Life will get a lot better for cruise line stocks once we lick the pandemic, but it's not as if Carnival and its peers can party like its 2019 anytime soon.