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Why Crypto Stocks Were Sliding Again Today

Shares of companies like Coinbase followed cryptocurrencies lower.

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Why Ashford Hospitality Trust Dived by 8% Today

A new share flotation is a bit convoluted and rather dilutive.


Why Amarin Fell Again Today

Another Vascepa generic is launched in the U.S.

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Why Figs Stock Was Climbing Again Today

Bullish analyst chatter drove the stock higher for the second day in a row.


Why BioNTech Trounced the Market on Tuesday

Shareholders might be getting a small present from the company before long.

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These 2 High-Growth Stocks Could Power the Bull Market's Next Record Run

As good as 2020 was, the best might be yet to come.

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Why Torchlight Energy, AMC Entertainment, and Express All Had Big Moves Today

Message board driven traders are at it yet again, pushing meme stock names up and down today. Is this really investing?

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Why Moderna Stock Jumped 6% Today

The company announced another big European supply deal.


Why Roku's Stock Popped Today

The company's gains from yesterday spilled into today.


Here's Why the Mortgage Refinancing Boom Could Continue in 2021 and Beyond

We could see record numbers of homeowners refinancing their mortgages in the second half of 2021.


Why Globalstar Stock Skyrocketed Today

Investors are continuing their enthusiasm from yesterday.


Why Virgin Galactic, Nikola, and Bloom Energy Stocks Jumped Today

Names with high short interest continue to be the focus of retail traders hoping for a short squeeze.


Bezos and Branson Race to Space: Here's What It Means for Investors

Is there money to be made from these billionaire adventurers?

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Why Chinese Cryptocurrency Stocks Fell Hard Again Today

Chinese companies are working hard to get out of China and reassure their shareholders.


fuboTV to Join Russell 3000: What Investors Should Know

The inclusion comes at a time of huge momentum for the sports-first streaming-TV platform.

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You Can't Afford to Ignore Tuesday's 2 Big Nasdaq Movers

Find out what helped send the Nasdaq Composite toward record levels.

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Why Square Stock Can Still Move Higher

Square's business is just getting started.

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Why Atossa Therapeutics Stock Is Jumping Today

There are two likely drivers behind the biotech's share price surge.

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GameStop Just Turned the Corner, and It Has the Stock Market to Thank

The latest from the video game giant shows how institutional investors are buying into the meme stock.

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Millions Are Quitting Their Jobs for Better Opportunities. Should You?

Here's how to know if you're ready to make the leap.