Pinterest (NYSE:PINS) announced today that it will begin allowing select content creators to post video, voice-overs, and full-screen photos (including overlaid text) in a bid to attract more social media influencers and gain traction with users.

Similar to the Story feature from Snap (NYSE:SNAP), which invented the format, or Facebook's (NASDAQ:FB) Stories, which copied it to great effect, Story Pins on Pinterest will let creators post longer-format content, such as how-to videos for recipes or DIY projects.

But the ability to post a Story Pin will be by invitation only and will carry a higher bar for quality than other content posted to the site.

Pinterest video on mobile device next to a large cup of coffee

Image source: Pinterest.

Content that's 'better for you'

David Temple, Pinterest's head of content, creator and homefeed product, explained the difference between the stories feature on other social media websites and what will appear on Pinterest: "Story features on other platforms are designed to show you what people are doing. Story Pins are designed to show you how people are trying new ideas and new products. That means the features and intent are dramatically different."

Beyond just posting longer-form content, creators will also be able to engage with their community and view video analytics to see how such content is performing.

The functionality will be available on mobile devices with iOS and Android, as well as on PCs, but iPhone users will be able to shoot video and edit it right on the phone.

Pinterest began working on Story Pins last year, and the tech stock seeks to define the content that will be showcased as inspirational and helpful to others, as opposed to the sort of self-centered stories on other platforms.

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